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DustMan: The Comedy!
Author: Devernath Submitted: 5th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 58

Edited By Devernath on 12/5/2004

Well seeing how my first game didn't do so bad, I've decided to continue with MegaMan. This isn't actually a game, its a movie, but made with TGF! It features Dust Man, my personal favorite boss from MegaMan IV! There are some battle scenes you watch, but most of it is just comedy, and some slapstick. It even includes unbelieveably funny bloopers! It also features the infamous boss, Evil Side, from MegaMan: Return of Evil. This game is about 15 minutes long. This game is more for when you feel like watching a funny cartoon instead of playing a game.

The following font colors are when people are talking
Sea green font- Dust Man
Gold font- Junk Man
Gray font- Evil Side
Yellow font- Quick Man
Light blue font- Mega Man
Red font- Proto Man

In the title screen, click the Start button to start, or the Bloopers button to see the bloopers.

Some sound effects are from
Music and gfx from Konami, Tecmo, and MegaMan

(-P.S. tell me if you think I should continue making movies or stick to making games in your comments please)


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Posted by Nuklear41 6th December, 2004

He does a super charge attack and it stays like that forever. That is screwed up!
Posted by Joshua M. 6th December, 2004

Ooh man, this must be the worst thing I ever saw, it isn't even worthy enough to hold one letter in it's name. It's a totally moronic 'thing' and the bloopers are those made up by brainless monkeys. Thumbs down.
Posted by AntiChrist 6th December, 2004

sheesh that was harsh. josh is right tho...
Posted by Satansboss 6th December, 2004

OMG THAT WAS SO F***IN BAD! Dont eva make any thing again devenath! until ur mature. atleast for a couple of years
Posted by Tongs 6th December, 2004

...Er, stick to making games.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 7th December, 2004

Funny...I almost killed me with the bloopers, you ought to put a warning sign on them...
Posted by Joshua M. 8th December, 2004

LOL XD hent... eh? cool
Posted by Joshua M. 24th December, 2004

I wonder who would vote up on this
Posted by KevinHaag 29th March, 2005

Im not even going to download this...





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