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Towers in the air old platform game
Author: Fish20 Submitted: 16th March, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 139
203rd Place     (2.17 / 5)

This is an old unfinished platform game that i made.
There is a guy thats trapped in a towers. The tower has entrance but there is an exit. How did he get there.

Use arrow keys to move
Use shift to jump
and use control to read signs

Double click text to close the text box.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 16th March, 2008
Rated :

"There is a guy thats trapped in a towers. The tower has entrance but there is an exit. How did he get there."

hes trapped in a "towers"?
there IS an entrance but there IS an exit?

that makes no sense at all.

now i know you always get upset when people (me) criticize your stuff but i mean come on. what the hell is this?
Posted by MBK 16th March, 2008
Rated :

LMFAO, and you heckled me about my first game ! ?
Fish20, dude, at least mine made some sense.

Cecil, dude, you really think A very simple game is as bad as this ? .. wtf man !

I don't believe you take much into consideration at all.

My game was understandable with beginning and end. Plus, it didn't freeze when reading a sign. lol

Mine was made with TGF 1 and is better than this crap.
Plus it is opensource !
Why did it get a 2 star ?

Seriously bro .. wtf ?

Posted by Kazuma 17th March, 2008
Rated :

This actually isn't too bad for a beginner. You should work on your English skills, though.

MBK, I'm gonna be really blunt with you. Quit your whining; it's pathetic and annoying.
Posted by J.R.P 17th March, 2008
Rated :

I have seen that character before, i think its from some fruit engine......but i am not sure! The game kept me playing for 25 secs, it could be better if you update everything!
Posted by Hempuli 17th March, 2008
Rated :

I guess you shouldn't upload your first games here - IMO it would be better to upload the latest ones, whics are of course better.

This one was seriously terrible.

And I agree with the truth that MBK says pathetic stuff.
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 17th March, 2008

"I hate UR gAM33ZZ 'COZ U H4T3 M1N3!!!"!!!!!++11"

Err, no (any more) teen flame wars, k?

I disagree with Hempuli that one shouldn't upload his/her first games on here. Why not? How else can one get feedback and so to get better? Then again feedback that isn't constructive is not really going to help. The interesting issue though is whether it is even possible to get suggestions on here or whether the feedback is always going to be downright "this sucks".

Of course this issue is one of personal importance to me because I haven't ever uploaded anything noteworthy to any Clicking site/community Image
Comment edited by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) on 3/17/2008
Posted by Cecilectomy 17th March, 2008
Rated :

mbk i take almost everything into consideration. yours wasnt nearly as bad as this. but it got 2 stars for other reasons. which i pretty much stated. yours got a two cause it was unbearably frustrating and poorly designed. he gets a 2 cause its complete crap. there isnt even really anything to judge. i dont even know what this is supposed to be. maybe i was a bit hastey in voting it but it was late and i was distracted by someone else.

buuut, i im gonna stick to a 2 star minimum. anything below or equal to a 2 gets a 2 from me. no stars is just cruel.
Posted by MBK 17th March, 2008
Rated :

What the Hell is wrong with you all ?

If there is a 5 star voting system, and you only use 3 .. then what is the point in having 5 stars ?

And I thought I was Insane.

kmhvslj, you know nothing and your screen name makes me want to scoop dog shit out of the yard and sling it at you.

Mr. Bots are annoying so I'll try to be annoying too by making an unfunny joke as my screen name.

I didn't say I hate his game cause he hates mine.

I said, he has absolutely no reason to heckle me when he uploads something like this.

I would have voted 0 star anyway, because this doesn't even attempt to be anything.

He probably made the worst thing he could and uploaded it to get some laughs.

I at least made something to the finish, even if it was as quickly as I could.

Is it not a more nobler cause to create something quickly to overcome one's limited focus and attention span than to simply spew forth garbage for a laugh ?

I judge fairly and use all 5 stars given.
And I usually explain why I've given the score.

If that is Cruel, then I suppose I am.

Thank You to those of you who know how to read and take the time to do so, and go **** yourself to those of you who barely look at what's said and turn it into something it's not, because of an inability to grasp the concepts of the text presented ever so simply.

I'm drowning in an ocean of idiocy and I don't have a life vest. Story of my Life.

Posted by James Luke 17th March, 2008
Rated :

talk to the hand mbk becus the face it ant lisening

i wish i could make games this good
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 17th March, 2008

This is sooooo useless but... MBK, grow up or at the very least mind the language. Perhaps you'll need a good few years for that, though (:
Posted by Cecilectomy 17th March, 2008
Rated :

nothings wrong with us mbk. its whats wrong with the world. i live in the fifth dimension. do you?

i stated my reasons. always have. you don't have to accept it. and fish20 is immature. ignore his heckling. he voted my stuff a zero cause i criticized his stuff and didn't like what i had to say. ignore the likes of people like that. don't go on a rampage about it. don't stoop to their level either.
Posted by Fish20 17th March, 2008

i was bored so i don't really care about this game
Posted by MBK 17th March, 2008
Rated :

James Luke, you're joking right ?.. Did you play this ?

Ok, ok, you guys are just messing with me now.

You are a part of the world pinky.

Ok, show's over folks, move it out.

<gestures with a nightstick and holds his swat shield steady>

Posted by Devernath 17th March, 2008
Rated :

Lol. I always love it when bad games get good arguments running.

Posted by alibaba 18th March, 2008
Rated :

This game is not great - it uses custom/ripped everything. but like you said, it was your first attempt.

There are no guidlines as to how to use the 5-Star rating so MBK is not wrong in giving it a 0, like he said there is no point having a 0 unless some games get that rating. However, it's the constant whining, immaturity and having to have the last word which i find tedious, boring and frustrating.
Posted by Kazuma 18th March, 2008
Rated :

MBK's behavior is making me miss Phizzy. At least Phizzy could type rationally and peacefully (although a little... strangely) until someone started trouble with him.
Posted by J.R.P 18th March, 2008
Rated :

This game made it to 50th best game here at the DC, while my game which had more effort put into it was left out in the cold!
Posted by Ben 18th March, 2008

I agree with alibaba on both points. It seems maturity levels seem to be running on empty in this conversation...
Posted by Muz 18th March, 2008

Wow, almost as many votes as downloads
Posted by Zezard 19th March, 2008

Hmm, well...
This game is a little too unpedagaogic for my part. I couldn't stop reading the sign and I didn't really understand how the different areas that I found fit together. For example, when I climbed the first ladder I appeared a the top of another.
It was a bit annoying that the music started over again each time I entered a new frame.

I see no point in voting for unfinished material. I think this site might have use for a special section for unfinished games, where people can distribute stuff that they want others to see but don't inted to finish. The comments other persons give in such a forum might help the creator to decide whether it would be a good idea to procced with the project, or start with something fresh and new.

The Projecs session is there for games that aren't finished but are planned to be in the future.
Posted by MBK 19th March, 2008
Rated :

Yes I agree totally. I'm being totally immature.

Sorry for that. But what makes you say I'm not typing rationally ?

Not peacefully, well, ok, I'll give you that, but I thought I was quite rational.

I admit, I'm overreacting a bit, however it seems that's what gets people's attention .. drama.

Posted by Hempuli 20th March, 2008
Rated :

I think we should upload our newer games to get feedback, because they probably show our grade of knowledge better than old games.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 20th March, 2008
Rated :

"I'm drowning in an ocean of idiocy and I don't have a life vest. Story of my Life." Whoa MBK, your poetry imperesses me more than your creations.
Posted by Fish20 20th March, 2008

turrican is very strange for thinking this is 5 star material. ????????
Posted by MBK 21st March, 2008
Rated :

lol, thanks Turrican .. I think ..

yes, indeed, fish20, but he is entitled to his opinion too I guess Image

You guys are probably gonna piss in my eye for the next thing I upload for all the things I say ... but, I'm gonna do it anyways .. or try .. lol pseudo 3d .. oh yea !

I just thought of this really nifty idea to make a 3d-ish open world game using only TGF 1. Image

I wonder if TGF 1 can handle it though, I think it can, I think it can, I hope it can, but will it ?

Only one way to find out ... creation time .. laters.

... hmm .. that didn't work out so well .. but, I'll upload it anyway ... it could actually be a start towards something of a pseudo 3d nature ... uploading Image

It's on the projects page

Comment edited by MBK on 3/22/2008
Posted by alastair john jack 31st March, 2008
Rated :

This is actually quite impressive, I thought it might be a lot worse due to all the negative comments posted.
Well done
Posted by Foo Fighter 15th August, 2008
Rated :

the best game ever!!! and i like the dialogs. create more of those pl0x!
Posted by DaVince 2nd November, 2008

MBK's first statement doesn't don't hold at all since this is an OLD game.
Posted by Mr G 21st March, 2009
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