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Oak Room
Author: Fish20 Submitted: 1st January, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 78

Edited By fish20 on 1/15/2008

Edited By fish20 on 1/14/2008

Edited By fish20 on 1/3/2008

Number Two in the room Escape Series.

Every object matters. Try all the different passwords for every different thing. Look very very closely to find everything.

Can you escape the OAK ROOM!

By the way I fixed the loading screen Hooray!!!!

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Posted by DaVince 2nd January, 2008
Rated :

No hotlinking so I have to copypaste the UUUUUURLLL
Spaces in filenames on the weeeeeeebbbb
Two broken screeeeenshooooooots
Really short descriptioooooooonnnn

Eh, I'll try the game anyway.
Posted by Hempuli 3rd January, 2008
Rated :

Also too small screenshoooots

I'll try it too.
Posted by Hempuli 3rd January, 2008
Rated :

Oh well, the complaints are the same as with the first one.

-Why is that loading bar there? It takes like half a minute to load, and there isn't anything to see there, really. Just the name of the game and the author.
-Graphics are resized and nonshaded. The edit object use still the basic outlook, which still doesn't fit the game.
-Also, that pixel hunting is annoying. When collecting the paper, there's like 5 white pixels that you must click to get it. It doesn't add anything but annoyingness to the puzzle.

After all, Fenster room was even better than this one, but both would need some heavy improves.
Posted by Fish20 3rd January, 2008


And did you know that they had the same complaints as

the Trapped series with pixel hunting.

Everyone plays trapped though!!!

Who cares about graphics!!!!!!

It 2-d games!!

It has better graphics than pong and galaga!

Those were still great games though!!!

You're like those critics.

Who cares about grapics!!!

The Loading screen as long as that one was on Crimson room!

That is the best room escape ever!

Stop trying to make yourself misreble.

Just think about how good something is.

"This grapefruit is so good."

"I love grapefruit."

That is the opposite of you.

This is you.

"Grapefruit is way to bitter"

"This one isn't ripe enough"

"its too green"

"I have to wait like 2 minutes just to see it"

That was you.

Comment edited by fish20 on 1/14/2008
Posted by Hempuli 4th January, 2008
Rated :

Well, no need to act like that, I just wanted to point out that this has same problems as the first one, and usually people try to get problems out from the sequel.
I'm sorry if my comment offended you.
Posted by viva/volt 4th January, 2008
Rated :

omg... If that is for real, I'm stunned. How the heck can you even say that? Hempuli told you HOW TO MAKE YOUR GAME BETTER.

Honestly, I hope you're a fake account
Posted by KevinHaag 4th January, 2008
Rated :

You are an R-Tard. And your game sucks.
Posted by DaVince 6th January, 2008
Rated :

Fish, it is the intention that you learn from people criticising your game, especially the more experienced ones like Hempuli. He's trying to help you by telling you what could be improved, and you're just insulting him for it.
Posted by DaVince 6th January, 2008
Rated :

Also, fish, you shouldn't think in "good" terms, because then you learn nothing. You should also NOT think in "bad" terms, because that doesn't teach you anything either. You should think in IMPROVEMENT terms, which means: "this and that could be better, and you could perhaps achieve it this or that way".
Posted by Peblo 12th January, 2008

lol fish20 is my hero. That's right, you tell them! They are the ones who play your game, but who cares about the consumer?
Posted by Billybobjoe198 12th January, 2008
Rated :

First game of '08 sucks.
Posted by Fish20 13th January, 2008

Kevin is a hag. I made this at the same time as fenster room so how could i know.
Peblo & hempuli is the only people making sense here.
Billybobjoe is banging his head because hes crazy.
Posted by Fish20 13th January, 2008

and the only reason this is worse is because both games were made way before i even had an account.
Sorry Hempuli
Comment edited by fish20 on 1/13/2008
Posted by Fish20 13th January, 2008

How can i even improve my graphics.
Posted by KevinHaag 25th January, 2008
Rated :

Practice. That's all you can do. And I didn't just call you an R-tard for no reason. You should learn to take constufctive critisizm for what it is: CONSTRUCTIVE! Hempuli was only trying to help.
Posted by Fish20 14th April, 2008

blah! Kevin

Posted by DaVince 2nd November, 2008
Rated :

Calling people an R-Tard is not constructive.

"Peblo & hempuli is the only people making sense here."
And me, duh.





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