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Zephni - Basics of a Platform Engine (Fixed)
Author: Zephni Submitted: 29th April, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 685

Edited By Zephni on 4/30/2008

~ Hey i was speeking in the forums about platform engines, and Shroomlock pointed out that people don't let people have there platform engines... An enraged me wanted to put this right!
so i went and built a lil' platform engine after a while taking some pointers and fitting basic and a bit more tech together to bring you the custom move engine i jus uploaded.
it includes basic concepts such as:

up/down/left/right collision (wow it'd rubbish with out that)
Jumping/Double Jumping ( the amount of jumps can be defined by a varable)
Wall clinging, and slideing
The Dialogue engine i made earlia today, was just implemented aswell.
And you can change all the values like speed and jump strength, gravity and the like by a AltVal!
Oh and some funky camera tecniques!! you love it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: this is currently commented to suit my needs so i know where stuff is, but it's not "TUTORIAL WORTHY".
Depending on the response i get for the engine, and wether someone specificaly wants to understand it better, or just wants help with their engine, then just comment me and i might upload a fully kitted out tutorial version! im too nice you see

I just noticed ive bin uploading lotsa stuff recently, sory i had "writers block" for about half a year, and i geuss ive just goten back in to the swing of things and need an outlet of doom..

I meen i havent even got MMF2 yet! what a freak! gonna order it tommuro YAY!

PS: PLEASE tell me if you notice ANY bugs!! it would be apreciated as i'm most probly gonna base a platform game off this engine. Many thanx.

- Enjoi -

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Posted by Aptennap 30th April, 2008

You linked it wrong, the link is to the dialogue engine.
Posted by Zephni 30th April, 2008

~ Oh oops, thanx for that *Sorts it out*

~ K, sorry all who downloaded, it's all fixed now.
Comment edited by Zephni on 4/30/2008
Posted by Jimbob 30th April, 2008

Are you supposed to be able to get out of that hole? (i.e. are you supposed to be able to wall jump?)
I can manage to get out of it if I keep tapping left-right and fire1-fire2. Not sure if the 'wall jump' is supposed to occur.

Smooth engine though.
Posted by Zephni 30th April, 2008

~ Cheers Jimbob, um yeah holding "fire 2" (ctrl) grabs on to a wall, then you gota let go of ctrl to let go then quikly press shift to do a jump/double jump then grab on a gain.

Also if you press the oposite dircection of the wall + press jump he will detach from the wall, and you will still have the ability to double jump.
There are other little combinations i made which can move you around the area flawlessly.
When you get the hang of the wall clinging thing i found it quite fun making the map your bitch & jumpin all over the shop.

Note you can turn the wall clinging off by deleting/inactivating the group.
Anyway thanx for tryin the engine.
Comment edited by Zephni on 4/30/2008
Posted by Kasei Honoo 30th April, 2008
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Wow this is really cool its exactly what I was looking for the slopes arent SUPER but I doubt I will have super steep slopes in my game. Also would you like to join Burning Mist Complex. Its a game development team I started We got a few members we could always use another programmer. The first game is a 100% original one.

I'll be sure to credit you for this btw
Posted by Zephni 30th April, 2008

~ Hey Kasei thanx for trying the engine. I could easily make the slope detectors accept higher slopes, if that's what you wanted.
I'm real tired now, but il most probly mail you sometime soon, in the meentime have you got anything that the team has already done, sounds interestin!

- Enjoi -
Posted by erghhhhx 5th May, 2008
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Hehe, yeah finally I managed to get out of tha hole.
Really solid engine, Good Job.
Posted by erghhhhx 5th May, 2008
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Hrgh. Hard call between this and artillery duel. BUT, This is gettin da gotw.

Now you go and make a good game outta this!
Posted by Zephni 5th May, 2008

~ Im trying thanx Avenger!
Posted by Zephni 7th May, 2008

Complements from Phizzy sooves the heart :]
Posted by Bibin 12th May, 2008
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Great engine too. Like other said, wall jumps a bit tricky and need revision, but otherwise it's very solid and pretty well coded too.
Posted by Zephni 12th May, 2008

~ No good at spelling sorry. By the way.. The wall jump isnt specificaly a wall jump, its more that it gives you your "second jump" back... so you have to let go of ctrl so you can let go of the wall and THEN press jump. but itf ppl find that awkward its very easy to change, i just like it that way.

Anyway i sarted the engine for The Never Sun again =, and i prefer it to this one. But iv'e spent so much time on it, it kinda feels like letting my baby go to just let ppl download it..
Posted by Zephni 13th May, 2008

~ Yeah your right. I did have it like that origionaly, i just didnt want it to be "too easy".

Alough, im sure if you go into the event editor you could do that prety easily.
Posted by dndfreak 13th January, 2009

I curce you and your .cca forever!!!!! If you have MMF2 now...





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