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RPG movement engine
Author: Zephni Submitted: 14th November, 2008 Favourites:0
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Hi again!

This is just a very small engine for people who arent to sure about how to make smooth RPG style movement.

It includes being able to walk diagonaly and collision detection.
The way the collision detection works meens you could implement the illusion of "layers", this is because you can choose which directions are possible from each 32*32 square you stand in.

NOTE: if you make a test level have the 32*32 snap to grid on is essetial.

The movement feels very free as mid step you can go up/right or down/left and so on, yet the player always lands in a perfect 32*32 square.

rather than me explaining the way the collision works, just take a gander!


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Posted by Knockturnal 14th November, 2008

WHOA! Make the sencors follow the player instead of having that sh*tload of sencors everywhere!





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