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GATES v0.3 [demo] - Project Updated 13 DEC.
Author: caccolothemeaning Submitted: 3rd December, 2008 Favourites:2
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 184

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☼☼☼ UPDATED 13 Dec! See link to project page below ☼☼☼

Greetings to everyone.

I browsed this site for a quite time now and I think time has come to present myself to the community.

I started to create games with Klick & Play long time ago and I must admit I'm no excellent game designer. You know it's just a matter of spare time and fun. I don't acheive the perfection, just the fun of making simple games.

I made a lot of games almost none of them 100% completed but this time I'd like to show you my latest "project" (well calling it like that makes me feel weird...)

~ Gates ~

The aim of the game is to open each gate in every level trying to make the highest score possible from it. There are hazards like spikes or pits, personalized walking system (little buggy sometimes ^^') and a password jumping level system (nothing so awesome but hey it works well).

This is just a 4 level demo with no dying system at all (for now).

Controls are simple: use the arrow keys.

-------------- UPDATE --------------
More controls:

SHIFT: Jump (if Rabbit Slippers are active)
ESC: End game
CTRL-R: Reload game
ENTER: Use item
SPACE: Cycle items


I'd like to read your comments, crithics and suggestions about this game and of course, I hope you'll like it

PS: Graphics are all mine but the main character that is from

-------------- UPDATE --------------

- Added level junk
- Added jumping system
- Added items system
- Added a funny shop
- Replaced password system with autosave system
- Added death and game over screen
- Added reload game if mistaked
- Replaced some text
- Improved other things and some bugs fixed


No new levels were added but I really like to know what do you think about this developing stage and maybe... I dunno, some help in designing the levels? ^^ That is the REALLY annoying part of making it... heh...

Thanks in advance.

PS: I didn't know that clicking on "Add to favourites" would work for me... was just testing... gosh what a poor showing... -_-"

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Posted by Marko 4th December, 2008
Rated :

I liked this alot - charming, retro, simple gameplay (that also offers some puzzle elements) and a time limit to keep the player moving - not bad at all! I would defo give this atleast 4 stars if there were also some enemies in there - nothing too impossible to make, just some moving obstacle-type enemies that the player would need to navigate around. Vary the types of enemy from level to level, make them as fantasty-like as possible. Add some more background details too (old bones, blood on floor, puddles, different stone surfaces) and make some huge dungeons that are spread over several screens.

I especially liked the music, sound effects (pleasant on the ear, despite the required repitition of collecting objects) and and the character sprite. The level cards were cool too, though a save feature would be better than passwords - look for tutorials on how to do this.

I think this game has potential to be a very high scoring game (9/10), please don't give up - keep going!
Posted by caccolothemeaning 5th December, 2008

Hey thanks a lot for your comment! ^^ I've really apreciated it. I will surely make the things you said although saving systems aren't my specialization. Since you've been so kind to me I will surely try to improve them in my game.

Thanks about the main character but as I said I didn't make it. Most certainly I will make one by my own wneh I feel the mood to do it (I don't like humanoid sprites ^^)

Thanks again and yes, as soon as I can I'll make a tutorial about save/load!
Comment edited by caccolothemeaning on 12/5/2008
Posted by s-m-r 5th December, 2008

Hey, it's looking good so far, and it definitely has a lot of potential. I agree with the comments about it needing enemies, but I would more prefer the idea of more traps and things being implemented: triggers on the floor that launch darts from the walls, timed swinging blades, gates that swing open and closed on their own (not necessarily that you need keys for, just as obstacles), etc. I also think that if you can implement it, a jump feature would be a nice touch, and allow you more game design options.

Also, will all the non-key pickups just be wealth, or might they be useful to the player in some way? Magic potions, special talismans, etc. all of which offer the player some time-limited bonuses. Just a thought.

Best of luck, and keep up the great work!
Posted by caccolothemeaning 5th December, 2008

Thanks to you too and yes, I was just making more traps as enemies (I love crushing walls... ^^). I would like to see this game a sort of Prince of Persia (the first one of course) but without living being foes.

I think that the feel of having just four keys to interact with makes the things more... you know something like suspense and watch out for every step. But I'll try to make a jump system (it shouldn't be so hard the system itself...) to see how it goes.

In the first time I was thinking about something like a shop every X levels with points to buy things, I'll surely think about something more contextual.

I'm not so sure about the time thing though: it just takes 1 point every 0.15 secs... Better to restart the level taking out all the points gained the first try perhaps?

Thank you all for your comments, they really make this game worthy of my efforts!

(((Sorry for my english mistakes but I'm italian and it's getting late here and I don't want to edit the post more ^^')))
Comment edited by caccolothemeaning on 12/5/2008
Posted by Marko 5th December, 2008
Rated :

You're Italian?? Your english is better than mine!

Traps are another great idea, i like the sound of more ways to die and more things to dodge. Also, save games aren't too hard to impliment - there is a Save Game plug-in for MMF2 (if that is what you're using now) and there are probably a few tutorials for it via other methods on this site, just have a quick search.

It's great that you're gonna carry on with this game - best of luck with it, i can't wait to play more!
Posted by Marko 11th December, 2008
Rated :

I absolutely love all the things you've added to this game and if i could i would change my rating to 4 stars! One thing i would like to see return though is the option to revert back from full screen - on my display the text became almost unreadable. Please can you allow the player the choice?

I hope you keep going with this because i think it's awesome! Favourited
Comment edited by Mark Radon on 12/11/2008
Posted by caccolothemeaning 11th December, 2008

Posted by s-m-r 12th December, 2008

It's looking really strong, man! A couple notes for you:

--On level 1.2, it's the first time a player can complete a level with extra keys still in their hand. However, leaving through the exit causes the player to poke their head out on the opposite side of the level. The level can't be completed with more than 0 keys in the player's possession. Is this by design? If so, it may be in your best interest to not have any levels with extra keys available; I have a hunch skilled players would complain about the level design.

--Upon entering the shop, the player loses all items...! Not very nice at all. Is this by design?

--If the player is in the shop and presses ENTER while straddling two items, one of each will be purchased. Perhaps placing the items at least one square apart from each other can prevent this.

--Standing too close to a pit's edge will cause the player to fall in, even if it appears that the player is standing firmly on a permanent tile. Maybe place a small invisible detector at the center of each pit tile, to allow a player to stand near an edge?

The pit trap ideas made me think of a new type of tile: one-way path tiles. What happens is after a player moves off a tile, it disappears. They can't backtrack the same way they came.

Also, triggers that the player must push weighted objects on to in order to hold open doorways, or have tiles appear, or to remove hazardous obstacles at other points of the map. Just another layer of strategy (and level design) to explore...

...Really interested to see what you plan on doing with those green puddles, man. And the level with the opening and closing pits is very fun! Nice design on that one.

Keep up the great work!
Posted by caccolothemeaning 12th December, 2008

Thanks a lot for your precious feedback, bug traker and suggestions about the game.

I will surely fix the issues.

I've made two kind of holes: one fixed and one appearing/disappearing. The first one does have a detector for falling but it seems I mistaked to develop qualifiers about the second one. I'll fix that.

The aim of the game it's not to find the exit in the lowest time possible but (as main screen says) to leave no gate closed. I'll fix the wrap around screen bug but I want players to use all their keys before exiting a level.

Does really loses all of his items when entering shop? O_O God I need to fix that.

I'll resize the player detector when in the shop to avoid issues like that.

Cool ideas the one-way tiles and object pushing.

Thanks again! Image
Comment edited by caccolothemeaning on 12/12/2008
Posted by caccolothemeaning 12th December, 2008

I checked: player loses no items entering the shop. The values next to the purchasable items are just there to show player how many items of a kind he bought.

I'll put the usual item menu on the screen for reference anyway.

Also fixed the wrapping around of level 1.2, the falling detector and added the item menu into the shop frame.
Comment edited by caccolothemeaning on 12/12/2008
Posted by s-m-r 12th December, 2008

"I checked: player loses no items entering the shop. The values next to the purchasable items are just there to show player how many items of a kind he bought."

Ah, I just need to pay better attention then; I saw that when visiting the store, and immediately panicked.
Posted by caccolothemeaning 13th December, 2008

Love all the ideas you told me s-m-r! I've just implemented the one-way tile! Love it!
Posted by caccolothemeaning 13th December, 2008

Pushing rocks and switch levers done... God I'm loving this game!





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