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DOT - The Level Editor
Author: caccolothemeaning Submitted: 20th April, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 177

Edited By caccolothemeaning on 4/23/2009

This is the Level Editor for my latest game project: DOT

You can find the project page here:

A small video about it can be found directly into the project page.

Using the editor is quite simple: every tile is associated to a keyboard key you can see on the right side of the application. Function keys can be found up and below the main grid.

As I said it is simple to use but of course it isn't 100% complete.

I decided to put it in download so interested people can start to mess around with it.

Folders are the defacult for the game itself when it will be released so if you plan to download and use the game later, keep the folders as they're provided and remember to save custom levels within "\Custom Levels\" folder.

Happy designing!

I really apreciate a comment or two btw...


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Posted by Spitznagl 21st April, 2009

I didn't really like the interface much. I mean, I can get used to using the arrow keys instead of the mouse, but a tile selector would sure be better than all these key associations.

Another thing: It'd be nice if the save&load windows would open to the right folder. Just use the "Open load file selector" action from the File object.

As you said, it isn't finished, but it works and the actual game looks great!
Posted by Fish20 22nd April, 2009

Why would you realease a level editor for an unrealeased game?
Posted by caccolothemeaning 22nd April, 2009

Just because "I decided to put it in download so interested people can start to mess around with it."

And why not if people (that likes the actual game and don't mind too much at functionality when RETRO is involved) think that a good level has been done within their mind then by the editor, they can send me those levels so I can put them into the game itself.

@Spitz: I know the interface isn't really user friendly but firstly this editor was just built for my personal use then only after I thought people might enjoy design levels in RETRO style.

About the "default folder"... yeah I totally agree but as I've said it wan't intended to be released to public at the first time.

Thanks for the comments!
Posted by erghhhhx 22nd April, 2009
Rated :

I like it, though when you place a tile over "the same" tile again it doesn't remove the first tile. So the one with animation gets pretty ugly after a while.

Anyway, good job.
Posted by Jon C-B 22nd April, 2009

Hey, could you post a zip file of it please? I don't have RAR
Posted by caccolothemeaning 23rd April, 2009

Sure mate.

Here's the ZIP version of the archive:

Posted by erghhhhx 25th April, 2009
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@ Jon C-B: Just get Winrar, it works with all(?) compression-formats.





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