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Squares - v1.0 [Final]
Author: caccolothemeaning Submitted: 11th April, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 188

Edited By caccolothemeaning on 4/12/2009

Edited By caccolothemeaning on 4/12/2009


- 10 levels with a final boss
- Use DEL to reset hi-scores


An infinite space.

A white square.

A green ball.

A LOT of red squares.

And your mouse.

Move the white square with the mouse, hit the green ball and aim to those pestering red squares.

Will you make it to the end with all of your lives left?

Hope you'll like it


Please leave me your comments about the game. I will really apreciate them. Thanks!

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Posted by UrbanMonk 12th April, 2009

I think the ball aught to slide towards the center of the screen when it stops; I found it difficult to get it out of tight corners. The game didn't run full screen on my system, and it may be because I'm running vista.
Posted by caccolothemeaning 12th April, 2009

Actually I'm fixing the maximum reach of the white square and that full screen issue (my fault, pardon): I foolishly set the resolution to 300x250 instead of 320x200...

Minor bugs and graphics improved.
Posted by Kitsuneh 24th April, 2009
Rated :

Kinda annoying when it just went into fullscreen without asking, like WOOSH! And there isn't any way to play it in windowed mode? ^^;
Umm, and it is probably just my stupid ancient computer, but it lagged kinda badly for meh. xP

BUT, it was really fun, and that's the important part. (: I dunno, I just really liked it. Nice game~





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