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Last Stand
Author: chrilley Submitted: 8th December, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 167

Edited By chrilley on 12/12/2008

UPDATE: 12/12/2008

- Enemies now move around a little more independent, varying their speed, rate of fire and their accuracy.
- Enemies spawns from all sides except from the bottom.
- A minimap is now there to aid you.
- Game get's gradually harder the more you kill.
- You can now pause the game by pressing Enter.

Stay tuned for more updates (this really should have been a project... >_>.


Note: This is an altered version of my entry to Peblo's Tourey: Round 6. It features remastered music in .ogg format (no more annoying hiccups when changing songs) and other very small changes probably not even visible to the player.

The Earth is about to be completely conquered by invading aliens (the flying weird triangles!). There's no chance in hell you'll survive the attack but you still decide to take out as many ships you can before you go down.

The game is basically a small survival-game were you have to fly around and shoot down enemy ships. You control the soldier with the directional keys and aim & fire your rifle using the mouse. You're also able to boost your speed to the max while double-tapping an arrow key.

Good luck!

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Posted by [DELETED] 8th December, 2008
Rated :

I liked the main characters sprite, however the aliens were generic rendered 3D ones ? Which threw off the pixel-graphic side of it.

The game was simple, not too bad, however a little single-faceted, in that there is only one of everything; enemy type, gun type, playing field etc. You did a good job though even for a small game, there was little to no replay value in it.
Posted by chrilley 8th December, 2008

Good points! I'll think about it when I make a sequel/update.

And the enemies were drawn and animated directly in MMF2!
Posted by NeoMonkey 9th December, 2008

There is a flash game called last stand also...
Posted by s-m-r 9th December, 2008
Rated :

I'm consistently into shmups, and the music you chose had me totally pumped. There wasn't any slowdown, either, no matter how many bullets and enemies showed up on the screen. That was great!

After a second play-through, however, I realized there was no strategy whatsoever, nor any sort of progression (enemies becoming tougher, etc.). I played it again, staying at the top of the screen, shooting to the left as my character zoomed to the right, and vice versa. I racked up over 1000 points easily by doing that.

Graphics, sound: awesome. Gameplay: pretty disappointing. The soundtrack totally blew me away, though!

I can totally see this becoming the beginning of a remake of "Section Z" or some other classic shooter. Take Last Stand to the next level, and expand on it...!
Posted by chrilley 10th December, 2008

I see now that the gameplay is not as satisfying as I first had hoped.

I am very open to more suggestions you guys might have for more improvements. I would like to work further on this game, making it better.

First I see what I can do about that top-of-the screen-tactic.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 11th December, 2008

You may want to include different kinds of enemies, bosses, and giving the player the ability to win. This would mean that the player could save the Earth and stop the invasion.
Posted by chrilley 11th December, 2008

I've played around with that idea for awhile and decided not to add bosses. You're not supposed to be able to save the Earth in this game, it's like Pinball, you play get as high score as you can then claim your place in the hi-score list.

I made a bunch of small updates now and I will edit my download soon. I'm looking for some more abilities for the player though, the right mouse button could be used for something.
Posted by [DELETED] 11th December, 2008
Rated :

While ultimately a player knows he can and WILL fail, it's still nice to see progression and some kind of reward that encourages them to play it to it's maximum potential. Otherwise it's still very repetitive game play if, as said previously, all aspects of the game are one-faceted. Players will be less encouraged to repetitively perform the same actions if they know all they are doing is racking up points, why not encourage play by including other ways to kill aliens or score points?
Posted by chrilley 11th December, 2008

Yes that is what I'm trying to figure out right now, improving the endurance of gameplay.

It's not easy to come up with more ways to kill the enemies that actually work well though.
Posted by s-m-r 11th December, 2008
Rated :

"I made a bunch of small updates now and I will edit my download soon. I'm looking for some more abilities for the player though, the right mouse button could be used for something."

How about a weapon that charges up each time the player kills an enemy, or simply charges up over time, then when the player presses a mouse button, the character spins around for a brief moment, invulnerable, firing bullets in all directions? It will take time for the weapon to recharge, but it is very effective.

Eh, a rather typical suggestion, but it's something a little different.
Posted by chrilley 12th December, 2008

Updated the download with my current build. There's no extra ability yet as I'm still looking for one (thanks for the idea s-m-r, I will experiment with it!).
Posted by Deaval 14th December, 2008
Rated :

Great game, really addicting.
Posted by erghhhhx 14th December, 2008
Rated :

This is ok, but I wouldn't play it again.
Posted by T!m 15th December, 2008
Rated :

As simple as it was, it was a great play. I had fun. I can easily see myself playing it over and over trying to beat my score.

However, I think a little more effort could have been put into the graphics. Also, the alien ships flight seems weird as they would buzz around you once they got on top of you making it harder to shoot them. The integration of an online score board would be a nice addition as well.
Posted by Chris Vermilya 15th December, 2008
Rated :

Wow, i thought this was a great game. You should definatly come out with a newer version with more weapons, more enemies, etc.
Posted by Marko 16th December, 2008
Rated :

Full version please - loved the sprites, enemies and music, just needs more polish and more variety with enemies and weapons and your laughing!





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