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Warheads (with installer)(TGFsource available too
Author: Mark McCauley Submitted: 26th February, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 140

Edited By Mark McCauley on 2/26/2009

Edited By Mark McCauley on 2/26/2009

Edited By Mark McCauley on 2/26/2009

Join up a game of war online with your buddies and team up against others in the struggle to overthr0w the nazi rising.
fly different planes , ride jeeps , trucks , tanks,A.P.Cs ,boats dinghies,use aa guns and long range array of weapoms and items to use including medikits and binoculars. communicate online with your team mates in this commando-esque style war game by Mark McCauley
This version comes with the installer
for the open source code for tgf please refer to this link;13370032;/fileinfo.html

Review This Download;13370353;/fileinfo.html (10 mkb )

Posted by Mark McCauley 26th February, 2009

This game was made using the games factory and isnt complete.
important notice..

Requires mos21.exe to work online but can still work offline(singleplayer mode)
one person needs to host the game by running mos21 and provide the others with his/her IP number, so that they can connect to his multiplayer object server )
Posted by sanx 26th February, 2009
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wierd game... il need to try online with my friend.
Posted by Mark McCauley 26th February, 2009

theres quite a lot that you can do with this , its a matter of exploration and reading the instructions im afraid, and i know its not that clear as it wasnt finished, take for instance you start with basic kits, to get access to more supplies you need the supply truck to deliver items to the suppply hut in your area,to do this you need to be in the supply depot(youll see crates around the areas), stand there and scan around using your binoculars holding right mouse button with it in your hands (pressing arrow keyys to change held item) (at the start it arrives from the north northwest direction, then you can watch the truck on its journey as well as keeping an eye around the location, or you could decide to hijack the truck yourself and drive it to your base quicker and check out all the inventories available, you could try raiding the enemies airfields and stripping them of any aircraft you can even board the battleship and use its mighty bombs, try bombing targets in various ways using long range ballistics or aircraft, try raiding the enemies base camp, taking out a few guards with a grenade and steal all their vehicles, get a feel for the game because the movements and weapons are varied , you can try sneaking up on guards and knifing them hiding in the shadows so as not to alert the other guards, you could try setting tnt at the enemies aa guns or other targets,board the trains , drive tanks fire and destroy trains,find a dinghy and board the battleship, etc etc. most of the movement is by using the mouse for the soldier with some keys to change weapons or reload, some keys are also needed when inside a vehicle to drive them , all craft has damage and fuel limitations,look at the screens theres a lot of indications for everything for instance the angles of turret guns and tanks the speed the reload time that you have to wait and when its ready to fire again your speed health etc, maybe with enough interest ill tidy it up and make it a tad more user friendly, and feature different maps , tonnes of missions or objectives to complete ,etc etc and of course make sure the original niggles with it are ironed out (it was over three years ago i think i did this and have learnt a lot lot more than i did way back then anyway lemme know if its got potential ignoring any little niggles with the coding side , i suppose im asking any downloaders to comment on the idea more than the actual product as it is nowhere near finished,negative=abandon positive=complete thats the stage im at with it should it recieve a revival?
Posted by Ski 26th February, 2009

Jeesh, use paragraphs much?
Posted by Mark McCauley 27th February, 2009


sorry its my wide screen soo wide it fits the whole lot on one sentence.

a few more controls ,

shift chances stance of player(prone, stand)

hold lmouse to walk towards pointer

double click and hold lmouse will run (or crawl faster if u are prone)

double click to leave vehicles. note (make sure pointer is positioned on door side so player can leave in that direction)(vechicle must be stationary im afraid would update this later so that you can bail out of planes and parachute down, or to ditch burning vehicles)

r button to use various items for example to shoot

r button while in plane if equipped drops a bomb directly below

hold rbutton for time period to set the power for distance to lob grenades and release (if equipped)

hold rbutton on cars etc,if holding fuel tank to refuel cars etc

hold rmouse and scan around area to zoom in while using binoculars or sniper rifle

arrow keys while on foot, will change weapons {up n down}

ctrl key reloads current equipped weapon

arrow keys in vehicles for speed up and down turn left and right, note in tank mode if tank is stationary the turret will turn using left right arrows(ditto to turret-type guns cannons etc(and i think the up and down arrows raises and lowers the height angle of ballistic weapons as well)

space bar to chat - type in message and hit enter to send

f7 to connect online whereby youd need to enter the IP number of whoever is hosting ie who is running the MOS21.exe

and then press enter and input your name that u wish the others to see and hit enter once more , u should connect at that point, if not then the server is being contacted , im sure you can figure it out aomehow

note- when u fire a large type explosive for instance a shell or drop bomb from plane the view will be fixed on the projectile til it explodes( camera follows the projectile)

each time u die click your gravestone to acknowledge death

and then click on the relevant flag to join that side to re-enter combat

theres a pow mission in it somewhere ive just remembered and u have to capture the pow , im not sure how the missions are set and whether the weapons are random at the start but ill update later

note: to get more supplies ,ammo, weapons etc, drive the supply truck to the base store(somewhere near the base)youll notice the truck changes, then drive it back to the depot dump(parking it in that area),and you will notice a crate gets offloaded. you can keep you and your comrades well stocked up by keeping control of the supply truck.

is that enough paragraphs for now lol

any other comments?

Comment edited by Mark McCauley on 3/6/2009
Comment edited by Mark McCauley on 3/6/2009
Posted by Mark McCauley 6th March, 2009

'b' key to hold breath while sniping(but not for too long)
'd'key to drop held item (useful to pass stuff to other players)
insert, home,page up, delete,end and page down keys give various commands for the AI and online players ,im not sure entirely which commands they are and for which key(will update later) but they are as such, follow me, wait here, go on ahead,go back to base,attack,hold fire etc
holding r mouse button on yourself while equipped with medipack restores your health accordingly
i think the fuel(when equipped and used on vehicles also repairs them too
(i think the host chooses which mission to do at start of game , ill check this out and update later ,also
Posted by Deathbringer 28th May, 2009

The nazis didn't use the modern German flag either
Posted by Mark McCauley 31st December, 2010

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