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Mark McCauleys 12 Days Til Blooming Christmas
Author: Mark McCauley Submitted: 27th December, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 104

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MY Chrimbo competition entry .

(not completed due to not finding time in that time scale to do so.)

Santa needs all the help he can get this year as the elves have had too much candy and magic dust, leading to an all time high in mischief-making, present-muddling, hide and seeking and other hi-jinks.
You and all santas little helpers have just 12 days til blooming christmas left to save everything to do with the christmas spirit.

Twelve Days of Christmas.
By Mark McCauley.

Instructions and controls.

As Usual, Santa is extra busy this time of the year , preparing for Christmas.
But this year, he'll have his work cut out for him ,as his faithful little helpers,(the Elves),have had far too many sweets making them even more hyperactive and mischievous than normal.

To make matters worse,they have had access to Santas Magic Christmas Powder,giving them special powers such as superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and the ability to become invisible.
They are enjoying themselves so much that gift production has ground to a halt as none of them have turned up for work.

Poor Santa,he now has to search around the world to round up his little elves and all the gifts that have been scattered throughout the globe.
As well as completing the usual chores, reindeer stuff ,gift wrapping, delivering presents, stocking stuffing, grotto visits, and so on. He's exhausted and needs some help.

This is where you come in, You get to fill in santas job yourself.

Your Job Duties will include:

Rounding up all the elves, guiding them to the grottos.
Locating misplaced gifts.
Stuffing stockings.
Loading up the Sleigh.
Flying the Sleigh.
Delivering Presents.
Keeping Children happy.
Feeding and Caring for the Reindeer,
Feed strays and hungry waifs,
and so forth...

Controlling Yourself (santa mode)

Default keys = arrow keys to move left/right (and up to jump)(useful for jumping in and out of chimneys)

fire1 (shift) = is used to carry items (for instant, Presents).
To drop simply release fire1.
While carrying multiple items--momentarily release fire 1 to stuff stocking (for e.g) , then repress 'hold'(shift), again to keep carrying the rest of the items.
fire1 (shift) can also used to 'sneak'

fire2 (ctrl) = is for ringing santas little magic bell , to bring nearby elves (that are extremely Hyperactive) to their senses.( Use with caution,though, as it has a tendency to surprise you .)
Its always better to walk up to the little mites and have a little friendly chat with them.
Sometimes you may need to use the bell for getting yourself out of sticky situations, so use sparingly, when absolutely neccessary.

Power ups

Holly and Ivy - holly can be used for preventing elves passing , bursting balloons
Ivy gives a boost to speed

Mistletoe and wine - mistletoe puts a spring in your step, while wine makes u invisible to everybody.

Candy Cane Snowball Blaster shoots snowballs remember you can throw snowballs too just find a nice pile of snow and away you go.

Controlling the Reindeer (Sleigh mode)

You'll need to master this yourself. You'll have to learn braking, landing, running, taking off, flying, looping and so on. Keep a tight Rein on those Reins as those Reindeer love to run and fly.
Soar through the skies,swoop down to cities ,towns ,villages, In your search around the world.

Can you Deliver? Lets hope so, or else Christmas will be stuffed this year, for everyone.

Good Luck!

Press <esc> key anytime to view your current duties on Santas List.

This will display the number of elves,presents and stockings, in each location ,along with any other chores.

Thanks for Playing .

Contact me at

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   McCauleys 12 Days Til Blooming Christmas.exe (32.5 mkb )

Posted by Mark McCauley 27th December, 2010

Discover everything about christmas from santa and the elves,rudolph and the sleigh,to the holly and the ivy, mistletoe ,cheese and wine.
On foot or in the air, you'll find santas little helpers everywhere.(sorry about the rhyme)
Fly high with reindeer or withstand the snow dear(oh dear).

Every individual Elf is .... erm Individual .
Check them out and see for yourself just why everyone is special (200 of them in some levels).
So take good care of your elves. (sorry I'll stop it now).
Enjoy yourselves boys and girls in this 100% christmas game that'll take you around the world (more locations to come and much more things to be added.)

The first level is like an advent calender - you'll need to find the windows to the levels.

(Hover the mouse for a short while on doors ,windows or chimneys in the scenes.)

You can replay levels that you have already completed anytime you feel up to having fun, puzzle solving , ground stomping , snowballing mayhem ..sigh i think i bigged it up too much, and I know its not complete so no moaning and be happy with what i gave ya for christmas ya little brats

keys are customisable but default keys are------

arrows yes they move the character in depicted direction,
(up and right or left to jump)

(shift) fire 1 (used primarily to carry items or sneak)

(ctrl) fire 2 (used primarily for santas magic bell )

(spacebar) fire 3 (to use some items like the candy cane snowballer)(note restock at snowball piles)(You'll need to rebuild these piles when stocks are low , too.)

(enter) fire 4 ( used primarily to drop some items that you dont need to carry anymore)
Comment edited by Mark McCauley on 12/27/2010
Posted by HorrendousGames 27th December, 2010

I'm downloading it, I'll give it a shot tomorrow.
Posted by s-m-r 28th December, 2010

I can't find the first frickin' window...Can you offer any hints?
Posted by Wackyjackie 28th December, 2010

I found the window but I have no idea what to do next...
A hidden grotto!?
Comment edited by Arkhaor on 12/28/2010
Posted by Mark McCauley 28th December, 2010

lol ok the first window is top right area barn alone
second window is the train . hover the mouse over it for a couple of seconds and it will be highlit, click it and it should take u to the level.
Sorry If it seems a bit hard, I didnt get enough time to complete it ( I was gonna take out the window level and just make it go from level to level, but as it was a christmassy theme etc etc..)
I will work on this Project some more and make it more simpler , bear with it , hopefully you can see from playing the levels that there is so much more to do with this project, and a lot of various games to play with it, for instance sneaking around without being spotted hiding in shadows etc, finding a particualr elf without waking others , and so on.
Posted by Mark McCauley 28th December, 2010

and to arkhaor - you found which window? the first? did u play the first level? (tutorial) because the 3rd level after that has a hidden grotto- ~(at the end of the north road if that helps ,)I think,
<br />

Comment edited by Mark McCauley on 12/29/2010
Posted by Mark McCauley 28th December, 2010

in the first level there are 3 santa clues to click on to get some help-(hopefully it works for u) click it and it should flash at window according to how many youve done ie (flash only at window number one at the start)( and flash in twelve places if youve progressed that far.)
when u complete a level u come back to the advent window screen
do you get me?
anyway thanks for downloading and trying and I hope you have some luck finding all the windows because the game opens up more and more as you progress with more characters and moves

Posted by Lobot 29th December, 2010
Rated :

Good fun. I almost died of laughter when the reindeer boots santa up the mountain on level 1. hilarious!
Tough to find the windows- got them though. Very christmasy. Thanks
Posted by Lobot 29th December, 2010
Rated :

There's loads of features to this. Must have taken some time
Posted by Mark McCauley 29th December, 2010

Lol thanks IT is funny isn't it. and yes loadddsss of features , and yes it did take me some time (all from scratch including ideas and coding, just threw meself into it and it sort of developed as I went along. Im glad you enjoyed it , and noticed how much work went into it . Makes it all worth while . I loved your artwork m8 and would consider joining forces with you in the future ,(too much going on the moment) gotta keep going with my Red Dwarf game (over 21,000 views in 5 months or so on the red dwarf site) I would like to revamp my main character sprites,its all a bit basic for my liking but when im satisfied with all the coding and design I will spruce them up .(If I dont satisfy myself(behave) then Id definately ask for your hand in the artwork . We'll see what happens. Did you get to play with Frosty the snowman and the other main Elf character?Did you work out that you can walk past many of the 'naughties' carrying something orange ( a carrot) for instance.
Posted by Mark McCauley 31st December, 2010

on the start level u can unlock the other levels by
holding shift and right clicking mouse,
dont say i dont help





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