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Red Dwarf
Author: Mark McCauley Submitted: 5th March, 2010 Favourites:0
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For Red Dwarf fans - at last a game !!

and for anyone else , its a 1-4 player fun action adventure explorational puzzle type game , explore many locations and board spaceships , to save the good guys, kill the bad guys , and erm destroy the ugly guys, looting ,plundering, working with your team mates, or pilfer your buddies bodies ,kill the good guys , shoot pool with the bad (just kidding they cant play pool) but the choice is yours- how you tackle each location, youll be rewarded for saving lives obviously, maybe with the code to the teleporter or a curry, Many weapons, power ups and shops to restock your goods.
honestly people , this game really comes into its own when you have 2 3 or 4 players sitting beside you, two on the keybrd and two joypads,or 4 joypads even. I have more ideas to add to this but Ill see what the general feedbacks like after this little demo-

Ive used tgf for thousands of years and owned tgf2 for years but I could never get round to using tgf2 until I decided to give it a whirl a few weeks ago, WOw Im totally amazed at the power of tgf2 in comparison to tgf, This little demo was knocked up in a few weeks in between my busy busy life, I need more hours in the day. but I will finish this project

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Posted by Jason Orme 6th March, 2010

A very cool idea making a game based around a UK TV series.
Posted by Mark McCauley 6th March, 2010

lol thanks ,

although i made the game first and had the characters etc, then of course last week i decided to make it red dwarfish since i am a bit of a fan of it, also realising that there are many fans of it, it could get recognition maybe hopefully.

thanks for the interest and any questions let me know.
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Posted by Mark McCauley 6th March, 2010

a picture of the controls are shown above, you can see how the game is progressing in the projects section - as i update things ; Ill let u know there
Posted by Mark McCauley 14th April, 2010

dont forget you can reconfigure the keys
so that you can use YOUR favourite crew member
try setting them all the same and you'll have control over all four players at once
or try setting two the same and two different so that 2 players each control 2 crew members each
a bit of a variation going on there

thus if a one player used 4 crew members youll quadruple the shots fired
simple maths eh
Posted by Mark McCauley 18th April, 2010

Hello and Welcome to Mark McCauleys Red Dwarf
A Game for 1-4 players using one pc.

(more players in the online version coming .Where you can either join forces or have team battles etc etc.

Many modes including capture the Flag , Team Death match,and so on)

Can be completed in many ways , Flying in space or walking around locations.
About the Game

Loosely based on the Tv Series Red Dwarf.

The Red Dwarf is a mining ship cruising the cosmos in search of vital Elements.

A radiation leak has wiped out the entire crew except for Dave Lister who happened to be frozen in stasis at
the time ,as punishment for refusing to hand over his (pregnant)pet cat and Arnold J Rimmer who was killed but
later brought back as a Hologram. A light projection of his former self, unable to feel or eat even,who also had
to spend 3 million years on his own until the radiation leak had been given the all-clear by the Red Dwarfs
onboard computer, Holly, (who has an IQ of 6000), and Dave Lister was able to come out of stasis.
During the 3 million years that Lister was frozen in time , his cat had given birth and their descendants evolved
over time to become human in the same way apes evolved to Men.Thus Cat is the third crew member.
The fourth member is a mechanoid , part human , part droid that has been programmed to serve and protect
humans and goes by the name of Kryten.

for more info on the crew and the actual tv programme pls visit

In this game the Red Dwarf is badly damaged and the crew set off in the Starbug , one of the Red Dwarfs' smaller
onboard vessels in search of these elements. During an intergalactic space jump the Starbug gets damaged and
the crew now need to find elements around the current galaxy they are in, to fix the crippled bug.

The elements can be found anywhere in the cosmos, On Planets,Moons , inside asteroids, or aboard other craft.
Some Locations have Alien Life forms and care should be taken especially whenever there are other no threatening
life forms in which case you should try to save those in need. You'll be rewarded if you do.

However you can ignore any peace keeping rules when it comes to saving your own hide.

Controlling the Starbug( in Aerial mode)(overhead)
Using the mouse -
Both buttons to thrust forward.
Right button to turn left.
Left button to turn right.
None to slow down.
Space button to fire current weapon.
avoid crashing into asteroids .

various controls on the dashboard-
select Proton Blast,Lazer Shot or Cannon fire to destroy various rocks
and other switches (activate Hop Drive)(Toggle Warning on/off) etc

if positioned above planets, moons, spacecraft and stationary,
Holly will give you the rundown of what to do next .
Lclick Holly for info or Rclick to disembark.

Controlling the Starbug in Hyperspace mode(Holly Hop)
The starbug will follow the mouse.
holding Rbutton down will turn the ship steeply left.
holding Lbutton down will turn the ship steeply right.
space button to shoot.
avoid crashing.

The different sections of the starbug are prioritized according to needs of the crew safety in this order

Weapon 1
Weapon 2
Weapon 3
Holly Hop Drive (hyperspace)
*more to come?

If a vital section is damaged , it will be repaired by using an element from a lesser prioritised section.
For instance if the shield was on full power and the steering took a knock,the steering will be repaired
using an element from the shield lowering the shields power and so on.

Click on Holly for help and status during game.

Holly can warn of any dangers, nearby craftor planets and has a wealth of data and information on just
about everything in the universe. Holly can also overrun the manual controls of the starbug and will engage
autopilot , guiding the starbug to nearby elements.
(Useful if you can't be bothered to do it yourself -let Holly collect everything for you- A Game that plays by itself!).
To use this feature simply leave the controls for a short time this also acts as a self playing screensaver.
To override the Autopilot simply move the mouse , or press any mouse button or space bar .

Controlling Crew Members on Locations

Default keys are as follows
Player 1 -Cat
A -Move Left.
D -Move Right.
W -Move Up.
S -Move down.

Z -Fire 1(Use currently held object)
X -Fire 2 ( Change currently held object)
C -Fire 3(Action-ie abandon mission(if all 4 crew members are under the starbug)or Change Command ie (Follow
me,Cover me) also used to climb and ride things for instance.
V -Fire 4 (Command) hold this down to issue command for instance to get others to follow you.)
Player 2 -Rimmer
J-Move Left.
L-Move Right.
I-Move Up.
K-Move down.

N -Fire 1(Use currently held object)
M -Fire 2 ( Change currently held object)
< -Fire 3(Action-ie abandon mission(if all 4 crew members are under the starbug)or Change Command ie
(Follow me,Cover me) also used to climb and ride things for instance.
> -Fire 4 (Command) hold this down to issue command for instance to get others to follow you.)
*Player 3-Kryten and Player 4-Lister use Joypads

On Location you can also switch off any players by holding Ctrl key down and pressing the corresponding crew
number 1-4
This toggles them on or off

To select a crew member as Leader press 1-4 without pressing Ctrl key

The screen will always follow the Leader. so when playing with more than one player the other players should try to
stick with the leader to stay in the frame.

Explore the Region,Save or Take Lives,Recover Elements, Destroy hostilities,press buttons, avoid numerous traps ,
shoot hostilities, and big bosses etc etc.
You can also access any locations' computer terminals, simply walk into them and type via the keyboard and
press enter.

All the keys are customisable via the first screen by clicking on the joypad or keybrd Icons.

You can also Change the names of your players by double clicking any of the other names. type in your chosen name
for that crew member and hit enter.

a little run down of some of the weaponry

should u come across any of them or buy at the shop
( a little tweaking here n there with regards to pricing i know is needed)

* normal gun-single shot
doesnt run out of ammo youll always have that trusty sidekick to rely on .

* mines -
you can drop a few of these buggers about the place , should any life form step on them - boom.

* grenades -
the longer you hold the fire button down the furthur you throw them

* tnt -
hold the fire button down and retreat to a safe distance, wait til a life form is near it and release the fire button to
detonate it .boom- also clears debris blocking paths

* bazookoid-
tap to fire a rocket propelled missile

* flamethrower-
hold down to spray flames be careful when running forward into the flames

* lazer gun single shot
does more damage to life forms

* speed pills,
make u fast

* medikit,

* shield power,
shields you for a short time

* shield,weapon,health, power ups,
stand on these to refill erm shield weapons and health

* more weapons in making
include sentinels, post a sentinel and they will guard that area with laser fire til the battery life runs out,
hunter sentinels, like the sentinels but they hunt life forms and many more Weapons to come.

The levels will be scattered throughgout the galaxy map and you can choose where to fly to , so you may
revisit a fave level from time to time or scarper off to another planet because that levels like- well ard.

To begin select New Game to start a fresh game (warning will overwrite any previously saved games if any)
or click Continue if you have previously played the game and wish to continue from where you left off last time.


What to do, seek the elements inside nearby asteroids, blast the rocks, fix up the starbug , Land on Locations,
Complete side missions and objectives at these Locations. until the Starbug is 100% fixed , then hit the Hop button.
Clear the belt of any stray Asteroids or enemy craft in your path, avoid crashing into anything,
If the Belt is clear and the starbug is 100% intact Youll be able to hyperspace to another Galaxy to explore.
When you have collected and stored 100 Elements onboard needed to repair the Red Dwarf , seek it out and board it.
Youll be able to control it once youve boarded , and can re enter the starbug at any time by hitting the space bar.

In this First Release The whole aim is to reboard the Red Dwarf..


more to come in future releases including

* The Red Dwarf Level- onboard the Red Dwarf itself youll be able to explore the entire ship and all its decks.

* Online play- Where You'll be able to communicate with other players/Teams Via internet and either help them
out ,share the treasures or shoot them down,nick their hoard.

* Trading (there is a basic shop where you can buy more weapons and upgrades) but later versions will enable
you the ability to trade with almost anyone in the universe depending how hostile you or they are, with just about
everything from oxygen to radioactive material etc.

This is a game in progress and does not reflect the finished version, So any controls, Designs configurations ,
graphics and sounds will be subject to change as time goes on.

Keep up to date by watching for more news at

I can be Contacted at

Thank you for Trying the game - Mark McCauley.

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Posted by Mark McCauley 26th May, 2010

Posted by Mark McCauley 27th May, 2010

Uploading the latest version
Standby for link

includes many fixes, tweaks
and several new universes,Planets,Moons,Crafts
and Locations.

Has anyone actually got anywhere with it?
Do you need help?
Remember to help you along, Holly will engage
autopilot and collect Elements for you,
Simply leave the mouse and keyboard alone for a while.
When the Starbug has enough elements to repair it you can
Holly Hop jump to other universes.
After Clearing the Belt of Asteroids and Non Frendly craft.


PLanet Zor
Son of Zor (Moon)
The Moon
Planet IO
Ice Planet
other moons
Ship SSSF17
Unknown Ship
Weird Planet

Til next time

Posted by Mark McCauley 3rd June, 2010

Another Mission, Another Video.
Posted by Mark McCauley 9th June, 2010

Another Mission, Another Video

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Posted by Mark McCauley 16th October, 2010

Greetings fellow interspace-hoppers,
At last some more news...

Red Dwarf October 16th 2010
Captains Log
RE Latest development.

* More bugs fixed, Lots of tidying up done.
* More random Breach attacks.
* Space corps Directives changed on board Starbug, -now re-allows any weapon to be used on board.
* More enemy ships to fight in the cosmos.
* Medic levels can be upgraded by saving lives and treating crew injuries. You can now revive fallen crew members with a decent medipack.
* Cheats will no longer be declassified. But they are to be used with caution, as you will fail any ranking officer's exams should you be discovered.
1. Press F to turn on cruise control
2. press E for element
3. Press S for Shield boost
4. Press Z to clear Incoming attacks
5. Press C for cannon repair
6. Press B for Brake repair
7. Press L for Lazer fix
8. Press Shift+P to Jump to next Universe. (automatic Officer's Exam fail and demotion if you use this cheat!)

The Game is growing all the time ( at the moment it stands at 441mb )
Latest Update coming soon...

Posted by Mark McCauley 27th December, 2010

Red Dwarf December 27th 2010
Captains Log

Work has resumed
The Red Dwarf is under construction and now contains Listers Space Bike.
Useful for those LOOONGGG corridors...

Be in touch again soon

Posted by Mark McCauley 20th January, 2011

Some more videos showing ' Aboard the 'Red Dwarf mining Ship.'
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Posted by Mark McCauley 1st April, 2011
latest update

Posted by Mark McCauley 18th September, 2011

<A HREF=""></A>
Decided to try to remake this as 3d fps/sp/rpg using a non klik related product - sorry - i still love tgf2 and will always make stuff on it
live long and proper

Comment edited by Mark McCauley on 9/18/2011





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