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Edge of the Planet
Author: alastair john jack Submitted: 7th August, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 279

Edge of the planet is a game where you play as person who has to obtain the end by completing the story. The game is set in physics world platforming.
You can jump around and push objects which move when you touch them.
Music will play in the background.


- Hand drawn graphics and animation
- Story and music crafted by Samuel Hardidge
- Potentially infinite hours of fun to be had
- Boxes and flowers, grass etc.
- Platforming
- Physics fun
- A readme file

I hope you can play this game to enjoy

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Posted by Jon Lambert 7th August, 2009

This game is awesome. I think the graphics are epic, they're always moving! You're not lazy, I can tell that. The physics are good too, I suppose. Oh yeah, I won too!
Comment edited by Jon Lambert on 8/7/2009
Posted by erghhhhx 7th August, 2009
Rated :

WOOOH, I'm dl'ing this soon. Lookin' forward to it!
Posted by Ski 7th August, 2009

Alspal this is very cool but also very shocking, lol.

Posted by -Nick- 7th August, 2009
Rated :

I win!

Great fun game but i found the final level very tough and i wasn't really sure what i was doing >< but top notch game! Now make a big lush physicsy game for everyone to enjoy!
Posted by -Liam- 7th August, 2009


Posted by Sketchy 7th August, 2009

It's not working for me - crashes every time, before it even loads anything
Posted by alastair john jack 8th August, 2009

lol thanks guys

I just made it for fun when I was feeling bored one night
Posted by nim 8th August, 2009

Runtime error
Failed to load plugin
...5.csx (126)

Posted by erghhhhx 8th August, 2009
Rated :

Hrm, I'm a lil' disappointed, expected more.

The movement was TOO slow to make the game really enjoyable. I love the style of it, though.

-for the cloudblock-sound! Hurts my ears. ;(
Posted by Kai Proton 8th August, 2009

I love the style,
it reminds me of muppet babies, when Animal had a fantasy world.
Posted by Klayman 8th August, 2009

I can't get past the cloud block on level two. I can't seem to jump high enough.
Posted by Solgryn 8th August, 2009

Lol "YOU WIN" *App closed* veyr nice game indeed, but the controls are wierd lol
Posted by Ski 8th August, 2009

I really love the music actually.. but it keeps crashing for me :S especially on level 4. You should use MMF2 T_T
Posted by Codemonkey 8th August, 2009
Rated :

Thanks you for making me love TDC again.
Posted by Codemonkey 8th August, 2009
Rated :

PS: Construct is for weenies.
Posted by DMT 8th August, 2009

Arghh... I can't open it! It keeps asking me for Direct X 8 and I know I have it installed.
Posted by Willy C 8th August, 2009

Tim Langdell owns the word "Edge" in all video games. Sorry
Posted by JesseP 12th August, 2009
Rated :

Fun little game. I liked it a lot.

Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009
Rated :

Liked this alot too, very good!
Posted by vertigoelectric 6th September, 2009

Tried to play it. Got a message saying I need an old "August 2008 DirectX Runtime". Sorry, but I'm not gonna be able to play.
Posted by alastair john jack 6th September, 2009

cheers guys, much appreciated





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