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Author: alastair john jack Submitted: 7th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 232

The age has come where animals finally dominate the world humans are becoming close to extinction. The few remaining humans are forced to hunt down any and every beast that crosses their path. Guide Barabbas through the wild in order to kill the leaders of the animal kingdom - the bears.

The human race is not yet doomed, hunt down as many beasts as you can and maybe you will be remembered as the worlds finest WildHunter.

Tip: Make sure to eat fruit, or else you will faint!

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Posted by Franz (Fendez Gaming) 7th April, 2006

Hehe, good work on this game Alspal, it rocks! I love the Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher!!!

Btw, if you press "3" then you will get big window (3x the size..)
Posted by 7th April, 2006

The graphic's are a bit pixely and it would be nice to carry more than just one gun and like switch.. But nice work anyway!
Posted by Nova Soft 7th April, 2006

Very poor 'storyline'...

Why not have the Animals hunting down humans? After all, we are the fucking scum of the planet and causers of all misery and destruction.

"There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is."
Posted by sylzayz 7th April, 2006

hehe, nice game. its simple and pixelated, but its not the graphics that counts, its the gameplay.

it runs smooth , and the sound is good, but The loading screen is kinda useless for a game of that scale.

its REALLY simple but fun to play. good job! thumbs up.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th April, 2006

I thought he was being ironic.
Posted by Franz (Fendez Gaming) 7th April, 2006

You can't have been that offended by the game Phizzy, you played it long enough to get the 2nd highest score lol
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 7th April, 2006

Nice game.what would happen if you'd combine this with online gaming?BTW,I pwnt phizzy
Posted by Imadjinn 7th April, 2006

Nice little game, just wished it didn't end so abruptly.
Posted by steve 7th April, 2006

The resolution and game engine seem almost identical to CaveJumper (even the way the secret walls open up) Just coincidence or did KNPmaster lend you an open source?
Posted by Bibin 8th April, 2006

Is this a joke? It's well made, but... yeah. Almost all the animals in the game are what should be harmless.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 8th April, 2006

*thumbs up* great game, loved it!
Posted by BeamSplashX 8th April, 2006

But Bibin, they've... EVOLVED.
Posted by Xenoc 8th April, 2006

this is sorta just mean
Posted by alastair john jack 8th April, 2006

haha awesome feedback! thanks guys
Posted by AndyUK 8th April, 2006

hey good game!

i think it's a bit annoying that the animals kill you for no reason. Also i died when jumping over some spikes possibly touching a dead ducks feathers. or whatever it was.
Oh, and the title screen makes it look like a quake clone, it's a bit misleading.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 8th April, 2006


This is so fucking offensive. You're obviously a retarded American who thinks daddy takes you hunting for your own protection.

Now, use the amazing suicide of death."

What the fuck, he's not pushing an agenda, it's a funny storyline with the added bonus of pissing off confused individuals who apparently haven't seen the beauty of the Colbert Report
Posted by Jenswa 8th April, 2006

Anyone noticed the quake logo?

What a little game and with little i mean micro-sized. I should be released on a gameboy or so.
But i think you should play deerhunter if you would like to hunt animals, there is a whole online community of idiots (don't mean to offend anyone) trying to shoot a (virtual) deer!
Posted by alastair john jack 8th April, 2006

I'm Australian
Posted by Kazuma 8th April, 2006

Love the Colbert Repor'.
Posted by Bearz 8th April, 2006

Buggy buggy buggy. :<
Posted by Stian B. 8th April, 2006

Not my type of game,its too simple,dont like the graphics,and I dont like the small resolution.Make it bigger,or resize the screen.

Posted by alastair john jack 8th April, 2006

press 1/2/3 to change screensize
Posted by Kazuma 9th April, 2006

When it first opened, I thought "it's tiny, but if I hit 3, it will get bigger!" Then I realized that it was already on 3.

I don't believe that I noticed any bugs.
Posted by Hayo 9th April, 2006

This is a nice game, tho I don't really like the theme (being a soft nature loving hippie). I don't have any trouble with the ingame gfx and the screensize, but the photoshopish gfx don't really fit in (the logo and stuff). Nice job anyway
Posted by Erik 9th April, 2006

I would rely have liked to test this game but
it hangs right after the load screen. There is
some kind of bug that you should maby look into.
I recorded when it happened so maby that will tell
you whats wrong so you can fix it.
Posted by alastair john jack 10th April, 2006

redownload it
Posted by Hayo 10th April, 2006

GREAT review, spinning man.
Posted by Jenswa 10th April, 2006

High quality review made by ...
(well ehm i guess i am out of words)
Posted by Mruqe 11th April, 2006

Fun and well polished minigame. I like the style of the graphics. The story is non-existant, but that doesn't matter that much since it's a MINIgame.

I'm a neo-pagan, animal rights activist and a vegeterian. And still I didn't feel ofended. I can tell games from reality.

Thumbs up!
Posted by Erik 11th April, 2006

It still does not work for me. =(
It looks realy fun but i get the
same result as earlier.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 11th April, 2006

I like the little sprites!

nice game
Posted by alastair john jack 29th April, 2007

Posted by erghhhhx 13th March, 2008
Rated :

The graphics are simple but beatiful, I think this game is amazing!
Posted by Toadsanime 5th April, 2009

Seeing as that Fendez has disappeared off the face of the Earth, is there any chance of this being anywhere else?






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