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Hanuro Hawk (v1.03)
Author: HitmanN Submitted: 12th February, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 549
Game of the Month 3rd Place Winner

Edited By HitmanN on 2/13/2010

This game will be my entry to the 20 Event Competition 2010 hosted by Gamebuilder and Clickteam.

Because of my limited experience with MMF2 (this is my first finished game since dabbling with Klik'n Play back in the olden days), I decided to simply try a common genre I haven't explored before and make a game that looks pretty, is relatively bug-free, and has at least some replay value (hi-score hunting).

Thus Hanuro Hawk was born.

Hanuro Hawk is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up that has:
- 3 levels
- 6 different weapons, 5 strength levels each
- 9 different enemies of varying types
- Mostly random enemy spawns
- 1 boss enemy
- 2 game modes, "Mission" for a quick game, "Marathon" for a challenging survival type game (read: the real hi-score challenge!)
- Personal hi-score for each mode
- Playable both Full screen and Windowed (640x480)
- Fancy instructions section, "Hanuropedia"
- Soundtrack by Asholay, with different track for each level, and menu (dang that one's beautiful!). Thanks Asholay!

In addition to the contest entry version, I'm planning on making a version with online hi-scores later.

Hanuro Hawk won't be compatible for Flash or Java export, most likely. I know I forfeit some bonus points in the contest for that, but I'm confident with the quality of everything else in the game. There's plenty of graphics to go with the game, and as per contest rules they'll all be open-source after the contest! I wanted to add as much stuff to the game as I could, so I wasn't stingy on those 20 events per frame. Currently each of the four allowed frames uses all 20 events, except for menu, which is at 19 events. ;P


## v1.03 ##
- Fixed a bug: It was possible to still receive damage after beating the boss. (kamikaze ship killed me while I was zooming off victoriously. T_T) This bug didn't apply to other levels, due to slightly different level end.
- Centered the 'Level Clear!' text properly.
- Various changes to enemy spawn rates. Most notable are: (Area 2) Bomber spawns increased, rate of them firing torpedoes decreased a tiny bit. Cruiser spawns increased a tiny bit, cruiser weapons fire slightly more often, but do slightly less damage as well. (Area 3) Turret spawns increased, fire rate decreased. Hopefully these changes reduce some of those empty gaps in action, which tend to happen especially in Area 2. At least you should have more bombers to shoot now. ;P

## v1.02 ##
- Fixed a bug: Overheat alarm stopped working after one Marathon playthrough.
- Overall volume of music samples increased a tiny bit, to be closer to same level as the sound volume.

## v1.01 ##
-Initial public release

60 second video feature courtesy of Rikus:

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Posted by Asholay 12th February, 2010
Rated :

Marathon Hi-score: 204454, 2nd Boss got the better of me...
Posted by Sketchy 12th February, 2010

Very well made game
It's short and won't have much replay value, and the weapons are all basically the same, but you can't expect a lot in 20 events.
Should definitely be one of the competition favourites.

Posted by UrbanMonk 12th February, 2010

I can't wait for this comp. to be over so I can look at all the code!
Posted by HitmanN 12th February, 2010

Thanks. And true about your comments. Though in the long run (referring to Marathon mode), the weapon choice makes a difference. Heat buildup and direction of secondary fire can decide whether you can kill some enemies or not. It's true that the weapons are all the same when it comes to general behaviour and sounds though. 20 event limit can be a *****. x3 Replay value suffers a bit without online hi-scores, since you're basically trying to just best yourself. Not as big a motivator that way. I do recommend trying to get through a few playthroughs on Marathon though. Things can get hectic and enemies tough from there on.

Thanks for playing anyhow!
Posted by Asholay 12th February, 2010
Rated :

I find the weapons quite different actually... I switch according to the level I'm on - first level I strive for the laser, as it mucnhes up the enemies quickly with their low health - second level I go for plasma as it takes out the large drop-ships the quickest, and 3rd level I aim to get the wave as it's ideal for taking out the mini-bosses with its awesome reverse fire.
Posted by HitmanN 12th February, 2010

The Wave is pretty good there, but dodging the boss ammo between the boss and henchmen on higher Marathon levels gets harder, and killing the kamikaze ships takes longer, usually enough to require dodging each, rather than trusting the frontal fire to kill them. ;P
Posted by HitmanN 12th February, 2010

*le gasp*
A bug slipped in. Uploading v1.02 in a bit. O_o;

v1.02 is available! I advice everyone to download it if you plan to invest time in Marathon mode.
Comment edited by HitmanN on 2/13/2010
Posted by Kazuma 13th February, 2010
Rated :

It's pretty, simple and fun. That's great. I also agree with Asholay. Each weapon DOES feel different.

However, I was beginning to get bored during level 2, and the slowdown made it nearly unplayable. Before long, I was closing the application.

Great job, though. It feels like a real, complete game, not a 20-event entry.
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

Thanks Kazuma.

Were the slowdowns regular, or did something specific seem to cause them? I'm sure there's tons of room for optimization, as I haven't had the chance to try my projects on low-end machines yet. Live and learn, I suppose. :3
Posted by Rikus 13th February, 2010
Rated :

Loved it! Should be more shooters out there!
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

Damn straight there should be. Especially of the Tyrian type. That game was ace.

Thanks for the feedback.
Comment edited by HitmanN on 2/13/2010
Posted by danjo 13th February, 2010
Rated :

i really like this. nice game indeed.
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

God darnit, another bug. v1.03 fixes that, plus adds more action to Area 2.

I really hope there ain't more serious bugs. >_<

Also, thanks for the comments danjo.
Posted by Jon C-B 13th February, 2010

Good game! I was a little annoyed that the ship moved sort of slowly. And it would have been nice if you had extra lives but still a very nice entry in the compo
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

Jon C-B:

I figured some would dislike the slow speed, but it was purely a design decision. Today's market is crowded with shmups where ships move lightning fast and feel more like rapidly bouncing balls, rather than (space)fighters.

Just trying to promote the good ol' shmup speeds here, I guess.
Posted by Mikeware 4th March, 2010

Found a virus when downloading, I'm using AVAST.
any1 else??
Posted by HitmanN 4th March, 2010

Probably a false alarm, unless the file has weirdly been affected on server side. My scans show nothing. Does it mention the name of the supposed virus?
Posted by Mikeware 5th March, 2010

Yes, it was a malware..
don't remember now the exacly name cuz i closed a time ago..

Don't know if its Avast cause or the file could be really affected on the server side like u say.. if that is possible.

I would love to test this game.
Posted by HitmanN 5th March, 2010

I still think it's a false alarm.

Does it say the actual name of the malware? Usually if there's no definition to as what it is exactly, then it's a false alarm.

I find it hard to believe it's infected. The company hosting the server space doesn't take security lightly, and I'm running both up-to-date F-secure for virus scanning and Spybot S&D keeping an eye on the background.

I'll download the file again later though and double-check, but I'm already sure it's all fine.





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