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Twisted Tower ch1 Early Alpha
Author: HitmanN Submitted: 8th September, 2013 Favourites:7
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 1271

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Image Twisted Tower chapter 1 Early Alpha
This is an early alpha release of Twisted Tower chapter 1. Originally started in 2010, the game hasn't been in active development for several months now, so I've decided to release it in its current form for the time being. I haven't decided the project's future as of yet, so feedback and ideas are still welcome.

Image What is Twisted Tower?
Twisted Tower is a platformer game with heavy emphasis on dungeon crawling and RPG features. The levels (known as floors) are randomly generated, and players advance floor by floor, killing enemies, breaking open containers, looting chests, leveling up their character and finding better equipment. Currently there are 30 floors worth to explore inside the Twisted Tower, and couple of low-level areas and a village outside the tower.

Image Story?
(There's little to no story yet, so your focus should be on exploring the Twisted Tower. Although Twisted Tower continues from where Twisted Fates, a game on iPhone/iPad ended, no knowledge of that game is needed to enjoy Twisted Tower.)

The fantasy world of Evan. Region known as Skies of Evan, a mass of floating islands high above Evan. You control Arina, a girl from a half-feline race known as the Kii. An ancient tower nearby has ominously begun to transform. Arina heads to investigate.

Image Controls
You can control either with a keyboard or a gamepad/joystick. (Gamepad is highly recommended)

You can customize the keys yourself in the Options screen at the main menu of the game. The default controls for 'joystick' should work for an Xbox360 gamepad. There's an option for Analog Aiming for gamepads as well, but it's experimental, so use at your own discretion.

(Known Issue: After switching from keyboard to joystick, some buttons may not work until you've entered the game. Just one of the many bugs left to be sorted out)

Keyboard Defaults:
Left Arrow Key - Move Left
Right Arrow Key - Move Right
Up Arrow Key - Look Up, Aim Up, etc
Down Arrow Key - Crouch, Look Down, Aim Down, Pick Up, etc
Shift - Jump
CTRL - Attack with equipped weapon
Enter - Cast equipped spell
- - Inventory
Home / End - Switch Weapons
Page Up / Page Down - Switch Spells
ESC - Menu

Image How to Play?
* Download ''
* Unzip its contents to any directory you want
* Run Twisted_Tower.exe

Image Credits
HitmanN - Design, Art, Coding, Sounds
Adrien "LoKi" Couturier - Music

Twisted Tower is a Twisted Team game, based on the 'Twisted' universe by Leuvsion and HitmanN.

This version of the game is an ALPHA build, meaning that it's absolutely not finished, may suffer performance issues, is missing many features, and you will certainly come across some bugs during gameplay. While feedback of any kind is welcome, please do take these facts into consideration.

Old trailer from last year
(Still recent enough to get the idea across)

Have Fun with Twisted Tower!

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Posted by Sketchy 8th September, 2013
Rated :

Just a shame development has been put on hold.

Played through to what I assume is the end (it restarted from Level 1). I'm impressed with how much content you've included actually - quite a few hours worth already. Had a couple of goes and found it much easier as a Mage - once I got the lightning zapper wand thingy, it was all over
Comment edited by Sketchy on 9/13/2013
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th September, 2013
Rated :

Very nice engine, and great graphics!
The music is cute too!

Also, 43mbs! Some of us are still on dial up! Ok just kidding.

This is the best game I've seen on the site in a while! It's awesome!

Loving the character portraits! I can tell a lot of love went into this game! I could easily see this on the vita or DS. It's really great!
Comment edited by -UrbanMonk- on 9/8/2013
Posted by Carnivorous id 14th September, 2013
Rated :

Great presentation and solid gameplay!
Posted by MEHRDAD 23rd September, 2013
Rated :

Great game.Thanks for free.
Posted by Alonso Martin 29th October, 2013
Rated :

Hey, man, why aren't you making more noise with this? I think a lot of people would really like this, but have no idea it exists. Post it on your twitter account, Facebook page, etc.

Also, do the #screenshotsaturday thing. I got a nice bit of exposure just from uploading a screenshot and tagging it. I'm sure you'll get some fans. You owe it to yourself to make the least bit of marketing efforts.
Posted by HitmanN 29th October, 2013

@Alonso Martin:


Just been lazy (more like physically tired, by work 'n all), really.

Thanks for the tips though.
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd November, 2013
Rated :

Yeah he's right. This is a great game that deserves more exposure. You could prolly sell this on steam.

I'd suggest trying the steam greenlight route and then drum up interest on indie forums with this demo.

I'm sure that would give you the drive to finish it.
Posted by Del Duio 15th February, 2014
Rated :

This game is and has been great for a long time. Great work, HitmanN!
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd April, 2014
Rated :

So I'm guessing this is you HitmanN:
Posted by HitmanN 12th April, 2014


Twisted Fusion is leuvsion's project, but I'm also part of the Kickstarter budget, mostly for using gameplay assets from Twisted Tower, as well as possibly doing some new stuff.
Posted by Darky300 2nd May, 2021
Rated :

Hi, the game is very interesting. I hope that someday it will be ready and I can buy it.





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