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Hanuro Hawk Enhanced Edition (v1.152)
Author: HitmanN Submitted: 25th March, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 448

Hanuro Hawk Enhanced Edition v1.152

The previous public version (v1.04) was for the 20 Event Competition 2010, hosted by GameBuilder and Clickteam. For the record, it came in 11th, just one place short of a prize. I'm still satisfied though.

Anyhow, in the meantime, I made some additions to the original game, now without the 20 event limitation.

Hanuro Hawk Enhanced Edition adds some new stuff to the original, such as:
- Online scoreboard for Marathon Mode
- Chain Opportunity events
- Minefield Event (Area 1)
- 4 Ship Upgrades
- Special attacks, one for each weapon
- Munitions Transports (drops special attack chargers)
- Bunch of fixes and balance tweaks
- Built with MMF2 HWA, so should run smoothly for everyone now

For a full list of changes, see the Changelog file included with the game.

(03/25/10) - The scoreboard has just been reset, and I scored some lousy scores so far, so you've got good chances of being first right now. Go and play some Marathon! Note: Scores must be submitted after the game, so internet connection is required at that time. If you skip submitting the score, it will only be stored in your personal offline hi-score file and cannot be submitted anymore.

HitmanN - concept, GFX, sound edit, coding, playtesting, etc
Ashley Yeates - Music
Made with Multimedia Fusion 2

I would also like to thank Leuvsion, MrNybbles and HHH for
regular playtesting.

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Posted by Toasty 26th March, 2010
Rated :

Its great! I love shootem ups (I mean shmups)
Comment edited by Toasty on 3/26/2010
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th March, 2010

It's spelled "shmup" thank you very much.
Posted by Kamukoira 26th March, 2010
Rated :

Superb work. I love the graphics, sounds and gameplay. Only bad thing is that the first weapon is so crap and enemies tend to take sometimes too long to destroy!
Posted by HitmanN 26th March, 2010

Thanks for the compliments.

Thanks. The first weapon is weak on purpose, so that there's incentive to switch to another sooner than later. It does have its uses still though. One of the safest weapons to battle the Area 3 boss and the Henchmen ships, for instance. Level 1-2 rockets are worse than the basic Gun though, IMO. Increasing enemy toughness is also intentional, and one of the survival elements of a Marathon game.
Posted by s-m-r 30th March, 2010
Rated :

A solid shmup you have here, HitmanN. After working through Marathon mode for a while, I'll post a review for you.

...And the music for the "Fleet" level is the best!!!
Posted by HitmanN 30th March, 2010

Thank you.

And yeah, Asholay did indeed make some good music for the game.
Posted by Fanotherpg 4th April, 2010

shouldn't it be April Klikdisc exlusive for time being?
Posted by HitmanN 4th April, 2010

Tha game's already been released, so how could it be. :3 Or were you talking about the review thing... or?
Posted by s-m-r 21st April, 2010
Rated :

Review posted, HitmanN! Congrats once again on creating a fine game!
Posted by HitmanN 21st April, 2010

Thanks s-m-r, a fair review. Much appreciated.

You mentioned that you're interested in trying the 20 Event version. It's also available in the downloads section (v1.03):

Basically the same but without supercharge attacks, chains, minefields, online scores and couple of bug fixes.

Also, I haven't completely abandoned the idea of expanding Hanuro Hawk further, or making a sequel, after I'm done with some of the current projects, like "Tank Game".
Posted by Asholay 22nd April, 2010
Rated :

And I'll be there to provide the soundtrack...

Posted by HitmanN 22nd April, 2010

Good, good.
Posted by s-m-r 11th May, 2010
Rated :

Congrats on making it to Klikdisc, by the way.
Posted by nim 9th June, 2010
Rated :

I just played through this again. It's been on my hard drive since it was released here. Great game






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