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JR2 Demo
Author: Jake G Submitted: 6th March, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 122

Edited By Jake G on 3/4/2013

Edited By Jake G on 3/10/2010

Edited By Jake G on 3/10/2010

I have had this game just lying around for ages not being worked on. This is probably largely due to the downfall of SilverNova. Here is a demo which allows playthrough of the first world. Please tell me what you think of it and if you think this should be completed. It is more than half done.

More of it can be seen briefly here: (video by Circy)
or here: (video by Rikus)

-Left/Right: Walk
-Up/Down: Look Up/Down
-Button 1 (Z): Jump/ Select Option (Hold to go higher)
-Button 2 (X): Attack
-Escape: Skip Cutscene/ Go Back
-Shift: Change camera mode

-Jump + Attack: Helicopter Jump (Jamie Only)
-Jump + Attack: Flying Kick (Pebz Only)

Enemies may me jumped on or attacked to be defeated.
Cracked blocks can be destroyed with Pebz's kick only.

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Posted by Ski 6th March, 2010

This is pretty cool Plays much smoother than the first game
Posted by Ski 6th March, 2010

Found a bug Died in the underground, when I got to the checkpoint (I didnt start there??) jamie sprite is there flipping out.

Posted by Jake G 6th March, 2010

wow. never seen that one before. that is jamie's spin flicker effect sprite lol. i wonder why its there.
Posted by AndyUK 6th March, 2010

It's an improvement on the first game for sure. Graphics and level design are about the same, but the boss was great, I much prefer that over the first game. So maybe not a huge leap but still has some nice stuff the first game didn't.
I liked the skateboard sections and most of the in level gimmicks.
Dunno what that wall running is all about though. You can't jump off walls mid run which would be nice.
I also found the delay after attacking whilst standing needless, I just did air kicks after that since they're much better.

As much as I would love to see more games like this finished on TDC I will say It's probably better for you to continue only If you want to.
Posted by Jake G 7th March, 2010
Posted by Rikus 7th March, 2010
Rated :

I really had a grea time playing it, things like the skateboard keep things nice and fresh, liked the fighting elements and that you can complete a level different with each character
Posted by Fordom 7th March, 2010
Rated :

I like it!
Posted by FlyingPigBoy 7th March, 2010
Rated :

Totally awesome! Please complete it!
Posted by Jake G 8th March, 2010

Haha thanks for the feedback . Did anyone find the game to be a little easier as Jamie? That's what I'm going for anyway... It's probably not that noticable since this is only the first world.
Posted by alastair john jack 8th March, 2010

yay Jake
Posted by Jake G 8th March, 2010

alspal!!! havent spoken to you since the days of SilverNova. Who are you with now ?
Posted by Jake G 8th March, 2010

Attention anybody: since SilverNova no longer exists, is there anywhere that will let me be affiliated with them to release this game with (that's right, I'm gonna finish it)
Posted by Ricky 8th March, 2010

;_; I miss Ben and Tim
Posted by Ski 8th March, 2010

I was typing to Tim on skype the other day. Ben went emo I think.
Posted by alastair john jack 9th March, 2010

Jake, I'm making games for Alastair John Jack now! I work for him full time.
Posted by viva/volt 9th March, 2010

Thanks Adam...

I kinda gave up on making games, no time in my last year of school..

End of story!
Posted by Jake G 9th March, 2010

Yeah, that's why I did nothing on this for like 1.5 years
Posted by Ski 9th March, 2010

I went to University and got a job, still working on games here...
Posted by Demon Lizardman 9th March, 2010

It's hard for me to download it, maybe upload it somewhere else?
Posted by Toadsanime 9th March, 2010

Will try the demo out later, it's downloading now. Probably should use as an uploading service or something, though.

Anyway, loved the first game so no doubt this will be good. I never really knew what happened to Silvernova but it's a shame that it went down. Good to see you're still making stuff, though.
Posted by Ricky 10th March, 2010

LOL Ben, what made you magically show up when mentioned
Posted by Jake G 10th March, 2010

i showed him adams emo comment lol. it amused me
Posted by PotatoCannon 10th March, 2010

nice game
Posted by nim 11th March, 2010

I miss Tim and Ben too
Posted by alastair john jack 12th March, 2010

Yet another example of school killing creativity.





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