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Jamie's Revenge 2
Author: Jake G Submitted: 10th October, 2012 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 456
9th Place     (4.83 / 5)

Edited By Jake G on 10/24/2012

Edited By Jake G on 10/14/2012

Edited By Jake G on 10/14/2012

Jamie returns with her cousin Pebz in a platformer inspired by the early Mario and Sonic games with 23 levels divided up amongst 7 worlds.

First I give you, this trailer:

Jamie's Revenge 2 is the sequel to 2008's Jamie's Revenge. The original engine and has been revamped, having been created from scratch. I tried to consider all the constructive criticism and suggestions people had on improving the first game, so hopefully it shows.

It features:
-Two playable characters (with different difficulty levels)
-An original soundtrack by Johan Hargne
-Original, 16-bit style graphics
-Joypad Compatibility
-Animated Cutscenes
-Plenty of unlockables, secrets and replayability.

This game has been in development for a long time since I have barely had time to work on it due to graduating high school and university and getting a full time job during the course of its development.

After each level you will receive a grade from D+ to A- depending on:
-number of enemies killed
-number of steaks collected
-time taken.
If you restart from a checkpoint, you will receive a time penalty and have your score reset to zero.

I have tried to make it bug-free but I'm not perfect, so if you find anything unusual or just have suggestions for me, please let me know

In order for the game to function properly, ensure you have ActiveX installed. You should already have this installed if you have Internet Explorer of Microsoft Office on your computer.

I hope you enjoy playing it

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 (19.6 mkb )

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 11th October, 2012
Rated :

Just checked out the trailer... looks great! I'll give it a go.
Posted by Falco-N 12th October, 2012
Rated :

Awesome game! I have to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
Posted by Jake G 12th October, 2012

@Rick: Thanks, I hope you like it
@Falco-N: I am really glad you are enjoying it Thanks so much for the 5 stars!
Posted by UrbanMonk 14th October, 2012
Rated :

Love this game!
The cutscenes are cute.

Lots of variety in platforming elements, reminds of shareware titles from the 90s.

I like the background transitions too. It really adds to that WOW factor. Especially the transition from the beach to the jungle!

The trivia section was neat too!
Posted by One Man Army Games 14th October, 2012
Rated :

It seems to be stuck in the bottom right corner of the screen for me. My resolution is unable to go any higher :c
Is a full screen mode available?
Posted by Jake G 14th October, 2012

Glad you liked it UrbanMonk

OMAG, yes, if you go to the extras menu and go to options, you can alter it there. It is programmed to be centred on the screen though. Strange that it doesn't for you?!

It hasn't been properly tested on 2 monitor setups. Do you have that?
Posted by Jake G 14th October, 2012

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In the last build uploaded, the poinbt in the game that was meant to allow you to unlock Pebz would notify you of unlocking the speedrun challenges for some reason. This is an error, as this was the point in the game where it was meant to notify you of unlocking Pebz. You should all still have access to Pebz by pressing X on the level select screen. This has been fixed in the latest uploaded build. I apologize for any confusion. However, this means alot of you now have access to a feature not meant to be accessible until the end of the game .
Posted by One Man Army Games 14th October, 2012
Rated :

Working perfectly now, Thanks.
and I must admit this is REALLY great. Love it.
Posted by Kai Proton 15th October, 2012
Rated :

Brilliant Game Design,
I love how fluid the gameplay is,

the only problem I encountered, was when I pressed to Exit the game, it Crashed,
otherwise, run fine on my WinXP

Posted by Hill Gigas 15th October, 2012
Rated :

Fantastic game! The animations are well done and the music is perfect. The level layouts and save game systems are very professional. Great work!!!
Posted by s-m-r 15th October, 2012

Excellent level design, Jake G! I echo the sentiments that it's a nostalgic platformer. All the elements and obstacles are tied neatly into the theme of each world, so that each level is a breath of fresh air from one to the next.

Really nice work here, Jake.
Posted by Jake G 16th October, 2012

@OMAG: Good to hear you know I actually looked at your Mode 7 tutorials to try and make a bonus stage for collecting the sugar cubes, but I couldn't quite get the hang of it. Maybe we could collaborate sometime?

@Kai Proton: Thank you so much! I have heard of this happening before, but only on XP or older. It seems to work fine on everything else. Atleast it doesn't stop the game from working . I'll try and figure out why - but I have the feeling it is MMF2 related.

@Hill Gigas: Cheers man! Looks like you got to play it earlier than you thought! I did use your review to get some direction while developing it, so thanks

@s-m-r: Why thanks (blushes) glad you enjoyed it that's what I was hoping to get from this!
Posted by Jake G 16th October, 2012

Also, someone has started making a YouTube playthrough of the game... I don't actually know if he likes it or not. Mixed signals haha.
Posted by Kai Proton 18th October, 2012
Rated :

OK Ive played for a bit now, and its a great game,
totally Captured the style of the ol' Platform classic,

only thing I would say is change the finish line bouncer to a different colour, as its not always clear that its the level exit...
Im gonna set this up for my kids to try out too.
Posted by Jake G 19th October, 2012

Thanks Kai Protoon

They are a different color though? Normal ones are blue and orange and end of level ones are red and yellow?
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 21st October, 2012
Rated :

You've made a really polished platformer here, Jake! I have some feedback that I hope doesn't come across as overly negative because I enjoyed the game and I was pleased with how well put together it is. I'd just like to share with you some ideas and see if you agree.

With Jamie's ability to run up walls like Sonic (which is really cool, by the way), I feel that at the apex of the wall you should be able to press jump to get a little burst of speed in the opposite direction rather than merely stopping and falling then having to steer. I realize that this may counterbalance some of your level design though, so I'm not sure if this is a realistic change to suggest. I just brought it up due to one level (In Volcanic Vitality, I believe) where I had to run up a wall and then touch some up arrows on the opposite wall and I just kept missing. In the end I used the jump spin while standing directly below the arrows to reach them instead because I just didn't feel that falling from the wall had enough horizontal momentum. Of course, this could be intended design to throw off players and encourage knowledge of Jamie's skill set.

I enjoyed reading your random trivia, it was cool to see how far the game has come since the original and the other tidbits of information you provided. You're obviously quite proud of the work you've done in overhauling Jamie, and you should be! However I just have one nitpick, which I hope isn't TOO nitpicky. The new idle animation, in my opinion of course, is a bit too quickly animated and a bit too exaggerated. This is only the lowest of concerns, though... the gameplay is where it's at and this game delivers. I love the new look of Jamie, too!

Another thing I'd like to suggest at the risk of sounding overly picky, is that the "take that!" attacking sound gets repetitive after a few goes. I suggest recording a couple of other attack sounds and having the game pick one at random when you press the button.

Finally, I agree with the finish line bouncer comment. It's not a vital change, they are already different as you have noted, but the colour change isn't drastic enough to set them apart in the moment of things. I'd suggest maybe a checkered black-and-white pattern on the final bouncer somewhere, or even a subtle but distinct change to its shape.

Anyway, that's about it. I really enjoyed this game and the work you've put in to the presentation, the two different characters, Johan's music score, and the level design. One of the sharper, more well presented platformers I've seen on here in a long while. I just hope my feedback is considered as the passionate ideas of a fan and not the overly critical views of someone trying to rain on your parade.

Look forward to your next work!
Posted by Jake G 21st October, 2012

Thanks Rick, it doesn't come off as negative at all. You raised valid points particularly about "take that!". I will highly consider all of these changes in the next update thanks for the 4 stars!

If no one brings up the elements of the game they weren't too fond of I can never improve in my future endevours
Posted by Jake G 25th October, 2012

Woo! 100 Downloads!
Posted by creature 26th October, 2012
Rated :

could i get the source file? I am fully interested in it!
Posted by Marco Medina 29th October, 2012
Rated :

So cool, I really liked it.
I like games with a retro style. c:
Posted by Marco Medina 29th October, 2012
Rated :

So cool, I really liked it.
I like games with a retro style. c:
Posted by Jake G 29th October, 2012

Thanks Marco Medina glad you enjoyed it. I like retro style too (as you can see haha). I am glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the 5 stars

@creature: I have never distributed a source file before but what exactly were you interested in? Also thanks for the 4 stars
Posted by viva/volt 29th October, 2012
Rated :

This game is the funnest game.
Posted by Aliashoj 3rd November, 2012
Rated :

Great game. Good to see another Jamie's Revenge! Classic mmf platformer just as I like it and a massive improvement from the first game.
Posted by Jake G 6th November, 2012

Thank you very much Aliashoj And thanks for the 5 stars.
Posted by Leander Leitner 7th November, 2012
Rated :

Awesome game. I had some troubles getting past the first cutscene though...the enter key brought me back to the menu and Z didn't work either...I don't remember what I did but it finally worked after some trying. However, different keys would be cool for non-US-keyboard users. Y and Z are different on European keyboards.

What height and width do your frames have -> the total size of a level and the scrolling area?
Posted by Jake G 7th November, 2012

Thanks Try pressing Control + Y and you can re-configure the controls. I think. The game window is 320 x 240, but is displayed at 2x by default.

I can't remember off the top of my head what the level sizes were but I will let you know when I get home and check
Posted by Aliashoj 8th November, 2012
Rated :

How long did this take to make?
Posted by Leander Leitner 8th November, 2012
Rated :

I tried Control+Y but pressed MY European Y...but as your keys are swapped the menu didn't show.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.
Posted by Jake G 8th November, 2012

@Aliashoj: It was in development for 4-5 years. But this was not constant development. It occasionally went months without being touched. This is because I finished school and began university when it was half complete and because Silvernova who I was previously affiliated with fell apart. I also work full time now which got in the way. I'd say adding up all the little bits of development here and there would have totalled about just under a year? Maybe a little more. The first game only took me 6 months to make in my spare time when I wasn't in school.
Posted by Jake G 8th November, 2012

@Leander Leitner: In regards to the levels, generally I made the width of the level approximately 10x - 20x the width of the frame (so 3200 - 6400) depending on the size of the level. I'd also tend to expand the level height when I wanted longer levels, rather than increase the width. This allowed for alot taller levels rather than wider levels. The mountain level for example, is the tallest level in the game but not the widest. It is however, the longest one to play through in regards to time.
Posted by Tim 20th November, 2012
Rated :

Jake, this is easily your best yet Awesome work dude!!
Posted by Jake G 2nd January, 2013

Thanks Tim! Good to hear from you





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