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NovaWare: Typed
Author: Jake G Submitted: 19th December, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 217
120th Place     (4.17 / 5)
Game of the Week Winner

This game is inspired by the "WarioWare" series of games. Which, for those that do not know, is comprised of many different "Micro-Games". The objective of this game is to work out what you must accomplish after considering the instructions given, there-by achieving a hi-score to prove your "awesomeness" and "manliness" (if you ARE a man that is) to all that visit the site. Are YOU man enough to take out the title? I sincerely doubt it!


Arrows keys and Space unless otherwise described in game.
Alt + Enter for fullscreen.

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Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 19th December, 2007
Rated :

Really like the Novawares!
Posted by Jake G 19th December, 2007

Yay, thankyou everyone, glad you enjoyed it.
Posted by Jake G 19th December, 2007

Hmm, it would appear I have been Circy'd...
Posted by Billybobjoe198 19th December, 2007
Rated :

Does Circy even go here any more?
Posted by alastair john jack 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Fun game!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Circy's an admin!
Posted by DaVince 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Billybobjoe obviously is asleep.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 20th December, 2007
Rated :

I don't think so, can you sleep while banging your head in the wall? Didn't think so... ;X
Posted by Ski 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Forgot to rate
Posted by Hempuli 20th December, 2007
Rated :

You seem to use the same 'animating' method as smooth moves: Angularry moving parts and so on.

Sure needs more levels, but quite good still.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Cool game. Nice job.
Posted by Johnny Look 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Nice game
Posted by steve 20th December, 2007
Rated :

pretty good!
Posted by alastair john jack 20th December, 2007
Rated :

Posted by Jake G 21st December, 2007

I have smoothmoves Lol
Posted by alperoz49 21st December, 2007
Rated :

i had much FUN !!!
Posted by alperoz49 21st December, 2007
Rated :

lol i am now addicted to it !! more mini games more moreee....
Posted by Hempuli 21st December, 2007
Rated :

It's quite buggy. You can for example bug that magician in the abduction level, and the enemies in space shooter level can come from the title so you can't shoot them.
Posted by Jake G 22nd December, 2007

how can u bug the magician? we are taking into account any fixes that must be made...
Posted by Ski 22nd December, 2007
Rated :

lol you can bugger the magician
Posted by MJK 22nd December, 2007

It's a very good game. Excellent polished up presentation, nice minigame concepts, fun and addictive gameplay. Very enjoyable.
Posted by Hill Gigas 22nd December, 2007

Hey, how do you beat the "press a key" level? I know that SOUNDS like a stupid question, but I swear I can't beat that level, ever. I press a key, I press and hold, I press a key quickly, I press "a" key. I always fail. What am I doing wrong there? That sounds like it should be the easiest of the games.
Posted by Tim 22nd December, 2007
Rated :

Read the bit above the press a key level... it says 'Whatever you do, DONT...' haha
Posted by Hill Gigas 22nd December, 2007

WHAT?!?!?! ARG!!!!!!!
Posted by Fish20 22nd December, 2007

what ever you do ,don't press a a key.
Posted by Hill Gigas 22nd December, 2007

Oh hey, by the way, my son LOVES this game. He's five, and he played it for several hours today. He actually got over 30 points! Not bad!
Posted by Ski 23rd December, 2007
Rated :

Shroomlock is a dad ?
Posted by LIJI 23rd December, 2007
Rated :

Very, very nicely made and fun.
If it only had more games it would be awesomest evor!
Posted by Hill Gigas 23rd December, 2007

Yeah I'm a dad. Hey, I've been a member here for a while! A lot has happened!
Posted by Tropik 23rd December, 2007

Good! Fast game and playing time Very good engine on - line Good job!
Posted by Fish20 23rd December, 2007

your web site is encountering problems. My internet works fine. It doesn't work on two different computers.
Posted by Fish20 23rd December, 2007

its worked before.
Posted by Tim 23rd December, 2007
Rated :

It's back now
Posted by viva/volt 23rd December, 2007

Silly SilverNova
Posted by Jake G 23rd December, 2007

wow, over 50 comments, thata one of the things on my TDC wish list!

-get over 50 comments
-win GoTW
-get a game reviewed
-have Jamie's Revenge be successful

only 2 more to go
Posted by alperoz49 24th December, 2007
Rated :

damned i am second in the high score smash #1 , i was in level 50 and had 1 live. i didnt give up and went through 114 with 1 was so close..
Posted by Jake G 24th December, 2007

thats pretty good tho, i tried to get a high score and i did (at my own game, shameful i know) but my grandmas computer had a blocker thing on, so it didnt submit!
Posted by viva/volt 25th December, 2007

I can't get above 60 >: |

Also, yay it's Christmas! I got Super Mario Galaxy! (just here for a second )
Posted by Jake G 25th December, 2007

I WANTED THAT :@ i have an WIFI USB adapater for my DS and wii now ben lets add each others wii codes
Posted by Rikus 1st January, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Jake G 2nd January, 2008

thanks rikus!
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 6th January, 2008
Rated :

That was truely very well made Very fun and good work winning GOTW, it deserves it!
Posted by Jake G 6th January, 2008

thankyou avatarless member
Posted by MR Self Harm 10th January, 2008
Rated :

its all the same ripping off "stuff"
Posted by Jason Orme 10th January, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Marcello64 11th January, 2008

Very Cool, Great Presentation.
Posted by Jake G 17th January, 2008

0 stars because its like something else? everything is to an extent!
Posted by MR Self Harm 20th January, 2008
Rated :

... ive never seen a game which i have played every part of the game on other games which they make better

do you two download like all the mini game packs from other sites and remake them or some thing their should be a new catergory
'piles of mini game ideas stolen from other people"
Posted by Jake G 24th January, 2008

i dont download anything from anywhere, not even here that much...
Posted by NESque 26th January, 2008
Rated :

Very awesome! When I downloaded this I was expecting some half-***ed "press the button at the right time" games but this is very fun! It's just as fun as Warioware, and that says a lot!






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