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Project Bowie (Engine Test)
Author: Codemonster Submitted: 16th May, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 114

Edited By jessejohhavoc on 5/17/2010

Bowie Barrington is an ugly cat that gets into trouble often. One evening he falls asleep along side his romance, Meowzer Zowazera, and enters an alternate world full of danger, excitement, puzzles and reward. You control Bowie (alongside his trusty spirit sidekick Pixet) on his search for a way out of his twisted and scary dream, collecting many items and unique abilities before making his final push to once more be in the arms of his loving family in his safe home, where he promises to cause no more trouble.

Left/Right - walk
Up - Jump
Down - Duck (sliding duck if you're moving)
Ctrl - Attack / Run (Double tap for long range attack)
Enter - Talk to NPC / Action

I have many unique features planned for development. The plan is to have this game out by September. The storyline is complete and I'll be pumping away at the coding, sound, levels and graphics once this engine is fully complete. Currently there is a speaking engine that allows for scripted events, like receiving items and skills, or new quests. Each enemy will further Bowie / Pixet's XP points by amounts variable to how tough the enemy is to defeat. Characters will have a level up system that will further the abilities of each skill / weapon.

The plan is to have a character inventory for both Bowie and Pixet. Both characters will have unique items and abilities that will help you tremendously throughout the adventure. The game will be somewhat of a platform RPG with towns, buyable items/skills and quests with puzzles and bosses. Please check out my preview, which will be released upon further developments.

Any bugs you might find, or feedback; I'm all for hearing (and that's why this is here)

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Posted by GamesterXIII 17th May, 2010

Make a camera system. That way you aren't jumping off of platforms without knowing where you are going to land.

What exactly is he doing when he attacks?

Your character always bounces to the right when hit. Mix it up a bit, or make him bounce in the direction the enemy is walking, or opposite of the direction he is facing.

The enemies pose almost no threat considering the fact that they run from you when you hit them.

The fans are way too powerful imo.

Your air control makes no sense and hurts the ability to make pinpoint accurate jumps. You can jump and move while jumping straight, but you can't change directions once you already select one while jumping. If you aren't going to allow air control, don't allow it at all, not only under certain conditions. I think that the inability to slow down or change directions while jumping left or right should be removed.

You can push crabs off of platforms by attacking them constantly. They float when you do this.

I don't think jumping higher while running works well for this game considering that your acceleration is instant and your jump/fall speed is really fast.

When a vertical platform is moving down your character isn't always grounded to it (looks like hes floating) which causes the walking animation to break as well. You also can't jump at this point.

Jumping through the bottom of a vertical platform is buggy.

The waterfall is broken. When you are near, the framerate gets progressively worse and then the waterfall completely disperses which is pretty funny. Once the waterfall disperses, new "particles" are finally created, but there is a point where there are zero particles. Limit the amount of particle objects that can be created, check your object limit, and check your load on call, deactivation, destroy events, and application settings.

--- Considering that you aren't using many colors, you may want to lower your application colors to 65536 or possibly even 32768 which will greatly increase your overall FPS. You may also want to try Direct X (I think this is the one - someone else may have more insight to this) Display mode and 60fps if you haven't already.
Comment edited by GamesterXIII on 5/17/2010
Posted by Codemonster 17th May, 2010

Camera system... good idea-- was thinking this after realizing you can not see the ground from platforms.

It's a magical energy he throws

Didn't notice the character bounce bug-thanks

I have many other enemies planned - the crab is the "goomba" of this game

The fans are powerful, but that is to prevent getting by them. There will be strategically placed switches to turn them on/off

You can change directions while jumping.. It's possible you're held back by a keyboard limitation of 3 keys? If that is the case, I'll find a workaround

The bugs with crabs going off the platform will be fixed. They will now also fall if they do somehow find their way off of a platform

I'll tweak the settings a little bit; I would like to keep the jump higher option

Those platform bugs should be fixed

I'm going to recode the waterfall engine from scratch; It was a simple placeholder but doesn't work efficiently

Color settings changed, will look into FPS/DirectX

Thanks for the notes Gamester! This is my first game in a clickteam product in a long long time, and so it's good to get the feedback.
Comment edited by jessejohhavoc on 5/17/2010
Posted by GamesterXIII 17th May, 2010

Sure! =]

I just double checked it and I see what you mean. I still think the air control is a little weak considering the jump/fall speed and such.
Posted by Codemonster 17th May, 2010

The engine has been re-uploaded with several fixes
Posted by The Chris Street 18th May, 2010
Rated :

Its not that the fans are powerful, its just that they propel the player too quickly around the level. Keep their strength the same, just slow the movement down a little. Also the foreground graphics are too similar to the backdrop... there needs to be some sort of obvious difference between them. I kind of like this so far and see potential.
Posted by Codemonster 19th May, 2010

Thanks for the comments. Slowed the fans down; I'll probably just update the background image in regards to character sight. I might also do nothing as it usually is tough to make things out at night anyways.
Posted by Oveliuz Meliuz 19th May, 2010

And the dialogs where anoying... the letter 'U' looks like a 'V' Please change that. Also, if you need a musical composer. Please PM me
Posted by Codemonster 20th May, 2010

The dialogs were annoying? What do you mean by that?

I have the music taken care of.
Posted by vetmora120 21st May, 2010

Yeah what Oveliuz said. That annoyed me lol (being a graphic designer)





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