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Beeps and Blips
Author: easyname Submitted: 22nd May, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 446

Edited By easyname on 5/22/2010

This game is a remake of the action 52 game beeps and blips. It was made for the action 52 OWNS collab/competition (I'm not even sure):

The original beeps and blips was a top down shooter, in which you had to defeat a certain number of enemies to pass to the next level.

So basically this is an 8 way shooter; in each room you have to defeat every enemy to pass to the next.

Controls are X to shoot (and select menu options), C to strafe, arrow keys to move and esc to go back to menu (you will lose progress).

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Posted by The Chris Street 22nd May, 2010

Never heard of the game before... what are you supposed to do exactly? If you give a decent description I'll consider this for front page.
Posted by Jon C-B 22nd May, 2010
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Heres a video of the original game:
Posted by Jon C-B 22nd May, 2010
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Fun game! I find it interesting that you sort of made the graphics look more retro than they were, but it looks good. I liked the music a lot too. I also liked the orbs, but why didn't you tell us we could shoot rockets earlier on?
Posted by UrbanMonk 22nd May, 2010
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I'm putting this one on my desktop!

I love it!

You should prolly make a flash version. That would be awesome.
Posted by easyname 22nd May, 2010

Actually the reason it doesnt say about rockets earlier on is because I got a bit bored of making the levels and stuff, so I decided to move on. I guess it was originally meant to be longer.

I'm thinking of making a flash version of this some time. (using flashpunk) but not yet since I want to work on something different.
Posted by OMC 23rd May, 2010

This is pretty cool! If Chris doesn't front page it soon, I probably will.
Posted by Marko 23rd May, 2010
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Very cool indeedy - loving the retro graphics and sound effects. The music is sweet too, very catchy. I agree with UrbanMonk in that a flash version on TDC Arcade would be a great idea!
Posted by TheoX 31st May, 2010
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This is a nice game! I always like things with a retro style, and this is very well-put-together.

I thought the difficulty was just about right, until the (final?) boss - the alien thing with the orbs revolving around it. I can't beat it.

It's a lot better than the action 52 version, I can sure say!





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