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Spread Value Tutorial
Author: WillWill Submitted: 21st September, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 304

Even though it's been a while since I worked with MMF2, someone asked me how it would be possible to make several objects react and think on their own without running into the infamous unique/all bug.. Well to me, the answer will always be Spread Value!

Call it whatever you want, this tutorial is packed with 7 examples with ranging difficulty levels. The only thing that I regret to inform is that a lot of the harder examples are without documentation/comments.

Nevertheless, I feel that this is something everyone should at least try to learn in order to make better AI's in their games.

* Super-easy spreadvalue examples for beginners
* Ranging game-styles, from top-down to full-fledged platformers
* Decent amount of documentation
* NO tricky extensions
* Fastlooped to hell
* Classifier groups


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Posted by Sketchy 24th September, 2010
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There seem to be two main things that people always have trouble with - fastloops, and multiple instances - and this addresses the latter, so I'm sure it will be very useful to a lot of people.

My only criticism is that you could achieve many of these effects more efficiently, without the use of spread values or fastloops.

Posted by WillWill 24th September, 2010

Thank you, and I suppose I could agree with that.. However!

Over the last 2 years I have always done everything in this fashion. I just find it easier, and it never causes any trouble.

Sometimes I make use of internal flags to make it a little easier on the CPU-usage, but that's it. I love these types of engines and to me, it feels somewhat closer to actual programming.

If you feel like you have the dedication, perhaps you could make it more effective? Perhaps even I can learn a thing or two!
Posted by Portside 12th July, 2014

Link is dead.





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