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Martin2k Tutorial Pack (21 Sept - 2010)
Author: WillWill Submitted: 21st September, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 484

Edited By WillWill on 9/21/2010

Original thread:

Since tutorials have a tendency to disappear into nothingness, I took the liberty as one of the establishers of the Martin2k community to backup all the tutorials as of 21 September 2010.

In total we have 44 tutorials, and they can be pretty much about anything.

All creators have been credited by having their names in the filenames of each tutorial.

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Posted by The Chris Street 21st September, 2010

What are the tutorials exactly?
Posted by WillWill 21st September, 2010

TGF and MMF/MMF2 tutorials as far as I know.

added the original thread.
Comment edited by WillWill on 9/21/2010
Posted by Knockturnal 29th September, 2010
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My tutuorials are in there
(I was a nab when I made them though, so they suck, but anyways)
Posted by WillWill 30th September, 2010

May I ask what your nickname was?
Posted by Knockturnal 30th September, 2010
Rated :

WillWill... Are you Morphboy maybe?

I'm Zatek. Yeah those tutorials I made back then are straight out embarrassing. Jesus.

Also 4 starts because M2K, but didn't want to give five because it would instantly #1
Posted by WillWill 30th September, 2010

I'm Morphboy indeed.

Well if you're still active around here, you should start hanging out on the skype chat (which I have told everyone a thousand times). A lot of people are missing out.

And I don't mind the rating stuff, didn't even notice the stuff until now even.
Posted by Sumo148 30th September, 2010

OMG my level editor tutorial is the second photo However that one sucks because it doesn't use fastloops to load the levels But my level editors now are good!
Posted by WillWill 30th September, 2010

Well at least they won't disappear like some tutorials already have.
Posted by Rich Datson 6th October, 2010
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oh boy wot a treat!
Posted by WillWill 6th October, 2010


If you're looking for a better tutorial on spread values, I suggest you download the other one that I have in my profile, made none other than me (morphboy).
Posted by Aliashoj 6th October, 2010

Posted by WillWill 6th October, 2010

Nice avatar there gaiboi
Comment edited by WillWill on 10/6/2010





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