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Mafagafo Killing Center v1.5
Author: AugustoAD Submitted: 29th January, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 71

Edited By Augusto A. Duarte on 2/20/2011

Edited By Augusto A. Duarte on 2/19/2011

Edited By Augusto A. Duarte on 2/16/2011

Ever Tried Super Mario Bros - The Lost Levels? Yes? Easy, isn't it? Now, have you ever played I Wanna Be the guy? Really Hard isn't it?

Now, what about something not that impossible, but harder than SMBTLL? If you want that, your game is Mafagafo Killing Center!

Full of action little platformer, where you control a Mafagafo, wich is a strange little cute brown critter. You try to run through the rooms, escaping many kinds of traps, like spikes, saws and rockets, get the key and exit through the door. Only by reading it looks like it's easy. But will you manage to get past level 3?

v1.5 log
*The game's graphics have been modified and now looks a lot smoother!
*The Mafagafo has now the ability to run!
*Game controls changed: nwow, Z Jumps/Selects and X runs.
*The camera effect is now REALLY smoother, giving the player a good sensation while he's playing
*The instructions screen are back, but now very simplified.
*It took me around 6 hours to re-arrange all this into the "All-New" MAfagafo Killing Center.
*I'm so proud of this version because most of the bugs that were haunting my past have been eliminated!
*Added a TIPS Section to the Readme.

Thanks and have fun playing Mafagafo!

PS: I'M WAITING FOR SOME REVIEWS! SO MAKE IT! IT'S GOOD FOR YOU AND FOR ME! (You get points and I get feedback.)

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Posted by Sketchy 2nd February, 2011

I think I remember this - it was pretty good
Posted by AugustoAD 2nd February, 2011

I made some major changes, including a secret level -- you should try finding it!

Oh, and I am wating for reviews!
Posted by Zephni 4th February, 2011

I'm gonna take a look now. Love these kinda simple games. with blood EVERYWHERE





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