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Zombie Arena v1.5.4
Author: AugustoAD Submitted: 27th February, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 158

Edited By OldManClayton on 3/3/2011

There you was, living your normal life, in another boring day at school. That's when something strange
happened... you looked at your school's window, and there were dead bodies all over the floor, and...
Some of them were walking too?

You went to your principal's room, where you know he kept a strage gun, that could change of form, after
some time you messed with it around, and get out of the fridge to jump in the fire: You run into a horde of
zombies. As you try to make your way home, you get stuck in a grass field, with zombies all over your way.
Now, you have no choice but to fight them...

*Removed Time Attack Mode.
*New Online LeaderBoards! Enjoy yourself!
*Solved a bug where player could not shoot the zombies when there was a lot of blood in the screen.
*New weapon and Zombie Level added to Normal Mode!
*New Title Screen Song.

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Posted by The Chris Street 28th February, 2011

Can you provide working screenshots before we accept?
Posted by AugustoAD 28th February, 2011

oh sorry, i'll do that.
Posted by OMC 3rd March, 2011

If you use imageshack for screenshots, you have to make sure to get the embeddable URL in the box on the right. I've fixed it for you this time.
Posted by AugustoAD 4th March, 2011

thanks, haven't done it before because i was lacking time -- Had 11 exercise lists for school. I'm only 14 after all!

But thanks, anyway.





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