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Simple Platform shadow engine
Author: eliris Submitted: 6th October, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 308

The electricity was cut so I wanted something to do the last 15 minutes of my laptop :0
This is a small engine that makes a shadow stick on the first backdrop he sees,
might be useless or very useful,depending on you
it is based on fastloops and Y position stuff =]

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Posted by Silveraura 10th October, 2011

I'm sure this has a lot of potential great uses, but calling it a shadow engine, I think, severely damages it's potential to be seen for these possibilities, since it's not a very good example of a shadow engine at all. The shadows peak over the ground, sure that can be tweaked. The shadows come off the blocks though where you're near the edge and from an orthographic completely parallel to the side bricks view as in the example you provided, you wouldn't see shadows at all.

Don't take my criticism too hard though. Like I said, it has a lot of potential... for something else. Not shadows though.
Comment edited by Silveraura on 10/10/2011
Posted by eliris 12th October, 2011

Thanks for your advices and report,
well I havent worked very long on it (sorry to all for that), it was a part time stuff,
but thanks, and no I'm not taking it too hard





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