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A* pathfinding tutorial
Author: skn3 Submitted: 30th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 210

A tutorial that teaches you how to go abouts making a path finding system. This is amied at the begginer. It was designed for blitz, as in the source code is in blitz. But, the tutorial is a rich text format that includes, pictures, descriptions, and psudo code. So, this can be used by anyone, and any language

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Posted by Josh Whelchel 30th June, 2002

what about languages w/o multideminsional arrays ;)
Posted by skn3 30th June, 2002

/me shakes his fist XD it can be done ;)
Posted by zork25 30th June, 2002

What kind of screenshot is that?
Posted by skn3 30th June, 2002

lol wouldn't let me put none, so i just used the first link i could find ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 1st July, 2002

That is one very disturbing face. TEH EYES!
Posted by 1st July, 2002

i used to think the same about the photo you put up circy o_o... you look like brothers 8D
Posted by Blackstorm 20th October, 2003

I can't download it... I WISH JAVASCRIPT WORKED ON MY COMPUTER!!! ... :P





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