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Turn Over 3D beta final
Author: skn3 Submitted: 11th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 190

An online multiplayer reversi game in 3D.
Has 1 player mode also, online game lobbies so you can meet new players. This is the final beta (i hope) and i am reelaseing it in hope more bugs can be found that i cant spot.

Thanks for all the peopel that test

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Posted by Rhodesy 11th September, 2002

Ooooo wow, a great Reversi online and single player game!
Posted by skn3 11th September, 2002

LOL, pimp it now ;)
Posted by BankBank 11th September, 2002

this game isnt made in klik.. should it be here? :P
Posted by Rhodesy 11th September, 2002

yeah, Rikus said Blitz games are allowed
Posted by Nobuyuki 11th September, 2002

if mohr's movie has a right to be in the downloads section, why shouldn't this ;p that being said, I made a working reversi online game a long ass time ago in klik based on Yves' code... I believe it had 1 player, too...
Posted by skn3 11th September, 2002

Rygo, any comments on the game, instead of whinning :) ?
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 12th September, 2002

Very nice.
Posted by Morbid 13th September, 2002

broken download.. :(
Posted by Jon Chambers 13th September, 2002

It won't download
Posted by skn3 13th September, 2002

i think somethign messed up o_O go here
Posted by Marcello 13th September, 2002

I believe the name of the game is othello? Marcello
Posted by SoftWarewolf 14th September, 2002

im getting error unable to create scene i gona try on a more powerfull machine later...
Posted by Jon Chambers 15th September, 2002

The game goes by many names. Othello, Reversi, Turn Over. I'm sure there are more, but I'm not sure what. I think Reversi and Turn Over are the english translations.
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 18th September, 2002

I've always heard Reversi and Othello.
Posted by skn3 19th September, 2002

hehe i hadn't heard of the name TurnOVer which is why i called it that.
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

I can't download it! Crappy internet :'(





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