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Author: skn3 Submitted: 22nd April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 245
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Edited By skn3 on 4/24/2003

Edited By TomH on 4/24/2003

Edited By skn3 on 4/23/2003

Delidash is a fast and frantic arcade puzzle game.
It was based around the oldskool game called 'yoshi' on the nes. Of course new mod cons like combo counts, and net play are in here.

Here are a list of the features.
- 1 player mode
Play againt an infinate clock until you fill the play field and die. You can then submit your score to an online leader board.

- missions
Play 1 of 30 missions, that give you certain tasks. Ranging from make a BLT, to get a certain score

- Two player
Play againt a friend (or foe) at the same computer

-Net / lan
There is an online game listing room at or you can direct connect with Ip's from inside Delidash. The game listing has links that automatically load delidash into the correct mode (so no typing in ip's)

Every 10 missions you complete in mission mode, unlock a secret in the cheats...

You can configure your screen mode, controls (joypad/keyboard/define) and volume

Well that is about it, it took 4 months to make and over 11,000 code so we hope you enjoy it.

Note from Administration:
Download URL now links to a Zip file instead of webpage.

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Posted by Mitch M 23rd April, 2003

Man... If you added some info this really would have made the frontpage... You should update! Looks great! :D
Posted by TomH 23rd April, 2003

I dont think that Skn realy cares. I think that he more of a PK/TK man.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 23rd April, 2003

Oh a game from Acoders this is got to be good, ill download it then.. by the way you never replied to my e-mail :( .
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 23rd April, 2003

Great game, i really sucked at it :), i can see that its made in Blitz (I Think). is it hard to learn how to program in Blitz???
Posted by skn3 23rd April, 2003

Heh I do care :), just was kinda hyper yesterday cos of the release !! There updated, and yeah made in Blitz. Blita aint hard, but I have been using it over a year now so things are like second nature to me :)
Posted by Mitch M 23rd April, 2003

Well TomH... Here's your chance! It deserves it!
Posted by Kris 23rd April, 2003

blitz is easy to learn if you're willing to do so
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 23rd April, 2003

this looks like my mariogame i have on my old gamebboy....
Posted by citizen[Ac] 23rd April, 2003

thats no mario, i can see the similarities though, damn those italian chefs for all looking alike.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 23rd April, 2003

why doesnt much people download it :( you see more downloads on crappier games then this :( I might review it if i get the chance.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 23rd April, 2003

yeah, i would love to hear some feedback/reviews. let us know what you like/dislike.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 24th April, 2003

like... the gfx dislike... the gametype!X)
Posted by Rott bott 24th April, 2003

Looks like mario and yoshi
Posted by Pixalatio 24th April, 2003

1 whats blitz?? mario and yoshi was my first gb game... I cant download it!! (no credentials or sumthin) Pix
Posted by Cappy 24th April, 2003

AAAAAAAAAH!!! I'm working in a game like this too!!! .... sob...
Posted by Pixalatio 25th April, 2003

Gottit now... its kinda cool but it runs slow on my comp (my comp is really crap) but i like it :D Pix
Posted by Klikmaster 30th April, 2003

Wow! This game is good. Love the missions feature. You really know you are achieving something by playing this
Posted by Gito 20th May, 2003

Great game! I liked the old Yoshi a lot, but this one is even better! The missions give you a reason to play the game over and over again until you've beaten 'em all! Excellent!
Posted by Rott bott 27th June, 2003

It IS Mario and Yoshi!!! Great!!!






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