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Sole Gunner
Author: Poobical Submitted: 7th December, 2012 Favourites:1
Genre: Abandonware Downloads: 442

Well, it's finally done. I know it's a bit late but I ran into some issues like you do. Anyway it's all there, four big levels, lots of bosses and some retro action sprinkled on top.

It's pretty difficult but there is unlimited continues to counter balance that aspect. I've added medals and extras to unlock for you peeps who enjoy that sort of thing.
It's a big, CPU heavy game, so if you're experiencing lag, you can download the standalone offline exe for free. (You could also resize the game by 2x to it's native 320x224 resolution.)

(This game is a tribute to Gunstar Heroes and all the classics that my favourite game company Treasure made. It's also got little shout outs to over games as well.)
Yes, I know stuff is missing and some stuff could be done better, but it's just a little flash project I wanted to really do for myself. It's a mix between, Gunstar, Megaman and Contra.

Here is the stand-alone:

Anyway, I hope you like it, it took a while to make and I have put a lot of effort into this, (about four months worth really.) So yeah, hope you enjoy.

Arrows: Move/Aim
A: Jump
S: Shoot
Stand over the item and press the down key.
Press the backspace key.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 10th December, 2012
Rated :

Great game!

The graphics are really nice and the gameplay is smooth.
AND it's flash!

It's a little difficult, but still enjoyable once you learn the enemy patterns.

In particular on that first boss the fish that jump out of the water are almost impossible to avoid. Unless I'm missing something.
Posted by Emerson 11th December, 2012
Rated :

Got the standalone version:
-The game disn't save after I beat one level.
-Level two once got unwinnable for some reason. The character got stuck in midair.
-The main boss of stage 2 has too much HP!





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