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Soko Banish
Author: Tammy Spahn Submitted: 22nd August, 2017 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 260

Edited By Tammy Spahn on 30/10/2019

Who would have expected demons? Certainly not Ardos Balmung, but that's what he found in the ruins of Greifenhausen keep. Now an earthquake has removed all the soulstones from their banishing circles, and he must move them back before the apocalypse breaks loose.

Soko Banish is an enhanced Sokoban puzzle game with new gameplay elements and themes. Push soulstones, open gates and avoid ghosts in over 40 standard levels, then grab more from the game's website or make your own with the Level Creator!

- Classic Sokoban gameplay with new elements
- 44 official puzzles + tutorial
- Detailed graphics and weather effects
- Create your own challenges with the included editor

Add-on levels can be submitted or downloaded here:

-- 30 October 2019 --

Updated the game to version 1.5.1 and the editor to 1.4.2. The updates contain many bugfixes and also some quality-of-life improvements, such as proper solution replay and a recent file history for the editor. If you have an older version, be sure to update for the best experience!

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Posted by LordHannu 25th September, 2017

That level editor nice work.
Posted by Moonyjacob 12th November, 2017

Installer :/
Posted by lizardking 13th November, 2017
Rated :

thats a lotta puzzles uve gotta here yang lad
u need some real pr bae

for some reason I think that there is lack of contrast with color palette

level editor and add-on system is a gem
Posted by Tammy Spahn 27th November, 2017

Thanks for the comments!

I believe there is a small bugfix update for the editor on my website that wasn't included in the "full" installer I posted here yet. It should be updated here as well now, so if anyone is having problems with that, please redownload or get the newest stand-alone editor directly from the site linked at the end of the description (probably more convenient).

@Moonyjacob Hmm, is something wrong with the installer, or just the fact that it has one? The game has a lot of files in subdirectories. I'm sorry if it's not the preferred approach, though.





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