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Author: Tammy Spahn Submitted: 25th November, 2022 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 153

Edited By Tammy Spahn on 01/12/2022

Made for The Daily Click's October 2022 Hi-Score Mash-up!

Everyone's throwing things at Lobo for some reason, and only you can protect him! Click on things to divert or destroy them. Survive and try to set new high-scores!

- Some objects can be bounced multiple times for extra points, but doing so can be dangerous.
- At certain score milestones, a lever pops up that gives a single-use shield. Unused levers stay across waves, but the active shield doesn't, so use it well.
- Waves start repeating randomly after the 9th wave, but continue to get longer/faster.

Based on Lobotomy and other example games/assets by Clickteam.

Kliktopia version! Online high-scores set up by Joshtek.

Update 1. Dec 2022: The scores should now show up in the high-score list. Thanks to Joshtek for reviewing the code!

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Posted by Tammy Spahn 28th November, 2022

It seems the scores are currently not showing on the high-score list. Not sure why yet since it's not my code, but I think it's only a display error. Will see if I can update this once it's resolved.
Posted by Joshtek 30th November, 2022

Tammy: I've sent you a version which should fix the problem for you to push out. It was only a problem with displaying the scores, so they have all been submitted and recorded correctly.





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