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Author: Devid K Submitted: 8th May, 2021 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 88

Edited By Devid K on 20/06/2021

Edited By Joshtek on 19/06/2021


This is a game where you play as a chick that wants to escape from a chicken nugget factory. It has to save it's brother aswell, but the problem is: he hasn't hatched yet!
You have to carry him around and solve tricky puzzles and get through platforming sections to reach the pipe to the next floor together. Sometimes you have to separate in order to reach the goal and other times you have to work together to solve a puzzle.


- Interesting puzzles
- challenging platforming elements
- 18 levels
- Different ways to clear a level
- Auto-Save after every level
- Beat level to unlock it on the level select screen
- Ending cutscene


Move - Left/Right Arrows
Jump - x
Throw Egg Straight - C + Up Arrow
Throw Egg Diagonal - C + Up + Left/Right Arrow
Drop/Pickup Egg - Down Arrow
Esc - Go back to level selection

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 (7.98 mkb )

Posted by Joshtek 19th June, 2021

I've fixed the screenshots (which didn't work) and and am just waiting to hear back from Microsoft about a false positive report I submitted for Windows Defender before approving this submission.
Posted by Tomssuli 4th August, 2021
Rated :

Nice puzzle game. Felt pretty polished. I got to fifth level. Only thing I would have hoped for is maybe save spots on the way. Now when the advancing is a bit slow, it feels very punishing when you try a hard jump/throw at the end of the level and have to do the whole thing again.





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