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UPDATE: Press "U" on the level select screen to unlock all levels. Finish the last level (you can't die in this level) and you can watch the ending cutscene


He has a date today, but unfortunately can't find his wig. So he enters the matrix of his brain to search through his chaotic thoughts trying to remember where he left his lovely hair.

BALD MAN is a hard parcour platformer with some puzzle elements. You can find wigs that grant different powers and help you traverse through the levels.

- 10 Levels + 1 Final Bonus Level
- 6 Different Wigs/Powers
- 1 Unlockable Secret
- Ending Cutscene


Move - Left/Right Arrows
Jump - Space

I hope you enjoy the game and would be very happy about some feedback.

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Posted by BigAl0104 30th November, 2020
Rated :

Pretty cool concept, and I like the variety of wigs that you can wear that give you different abilities, kinda like the hats in the original Wario Land on Game Boy. One thing I would consider on adding would be checkpoints. I find it annoying that if you die, you go back to the beginning of the level, and have to painstakingly walk at a snail's pace back to where you were. I couldn't get past level 3 because it was a really tough, especially when using the rocket since it doesn't really feel well balanced with the distance you go with it. Other than that, it has potential and I'll look forward to what you will be releasing next. Keep up the good work, man!
Posted by Kendall Currie 2nd December, 2020
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I like the game idea but the wigs are executed poorly. The game doesn't give you enough time to understand the mechanics of each wig (at least in the beginning). If you added checkpoints and less wigs the player could learn more about each one so they become more successful while playing. This also makes death in-game seem more like the player's fault rather than blaming the game. I enjoyed the pixel art and music though.
Comment edited by Kendall Currie on 02/12/2020
Posted by Devid K 5th December, 2020

thanks for your feedback, guys!
I played through it right now and I agree on the checkpoints. Especially since some of the mechanics like the rocket are unprecise and lead to frustration. When I have some time I'm going to update the game, so that every level is unlocked from the start. That way everybody can at least try each level. And I will use your feedback on my next project.
Posted by BigAl0104 6th December, 2020
Rated :

@Devid K

I wouldn't make it so that you can play all levels right away because that kinda defeats the purpose. If you're gonna do that, you should make it so that they can be unlocked with a cheat or something. It's up to you though, it's your game, you can do what you like.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 18th December, 2020
Rated :

I really love the Graphics, the SFXs, Music, the concept of constantly switching characters in a level, and each character has its own attributes. But the game is ruined in that when you die there are no checkpoints and it starts you right at the beginning of the level, which is so annoying. Thanks to this it makes the game difficult, but early in the game, it must be easy so the Player can get a handle on the controls and mechanics of the game. The biggest problem for this game is the tutorialization of unique characters. In the levels, you are introduced to unique characters with very little tutorialization. Yes there are pop-ups to tell how to use the character. But you then immediately have to use the character without having used it before. What should have been done is the first few couples of levels should taught the player all of the unique characters in the game in very easy levels. Then go on to have more difficult and difficult levels as the game goes on with the Player's skill. But other than those three things, I really like this game but those three things hinder the game from being a good, great or perfect game. But I really look forward to what you make next and if your making a sequel to Bald Man with the fixes I suggested, it will be an amazing game!
Posted by Devid K 28th December, 2020

thanks for your great input!

I have updated the game with a unlock button. If someone is interested in seeing the cutscene then he can finish the last level (you can't die there).
Posted by Joshtek 3rd January, 2021

I agree with others. The graphics, concept and sounds are all fun and the main area for improvement is to add checkpoints (which will also help address the difficulty curve of learning to use some of the new wigs).

Your latest release does not include the "bald man levels" folder so the game doesn't work unless people copy the folder over from the old version.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 03/01/2021
Posted by Devid K 3rd January, 2021

Thank you, I just updated the download. should be working now!





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