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Drag Racing
Author: MinkoedZamorVedro Submitted: 8th July, 2021 Favourites:1
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Edited By MinkoedZamorVedro on 28/08/2021

Edited By MinkoedZamorVedro on 09/08/2021

There is no story in this game : )

In the menu, you can choose your opponent, the length of the track, as well as the music that will sound during the race. To start a race press enter. From the menu, you can get to the garage by clicking on its icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Next to each opponent in the menu, it will be shown at what distance you defeated him. Your wins and losses are also counted in the menu.

In the garage, you can buy new cars and pump them: you can increase the power of its engine, reduce its weight, improve the gearbox, as well as the maximum speed. You can also take a one-time power-up: a booster. It will increase the power of your car by 1 second. To learn more about the upgrade, hover your mouse over its icon. All upgrades can be purchased with coins. To select the car that you want to use in the race, select it, and then press enter. If you choose a car that you didn't buy, you will use the first car.

During the race, the speedometer will appear on the screen. When the red arrow on the speedometer is in the green zone, you need to change gear. If you change gear at the right moment, you will get a speed advantage, as well as additional coins. To change the gear, press the up arrow. At the top of the screen, you can see the position of you and the enemy on the track. Your car is marked with a black dot, and the opponent is marked with a dot of the color of his car. If you have selected infinite mode, a black button will also appear on the screen, when you click on it, you will return to the menu. There is also a timer on the screen.

NOTE: you do not need to switch to the last gear at the very beginning of the race, as this will greatly slow you down.

After a race
If you lose, you will not get any coins and the screen will simply say "You lost".

If you win, but the screen says "You won", you will receive a prize for the distance covered (short track - 250 coins, medium track-500 coins, long track-750 coins). You will also get a bonus for changing gears at the right time, and you will also get a bonus for the difficulty of the opponent.

v 1.1.1
-Added a description of upgrades
-Bugs fixed

v 2.0.0
-Now you can use different cars
-Balanced enemy cars
-Bugs fixed

v 2.0.1
-Balanced enemy cars

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Posted by Joshtek 16th July, 2021

Thanks for sharing your game. I think more instructions would be helpful, e.g. pressing enter to select a menu option. It's confusing that the main window says "Your Car" and it's red, but it is then represented by a yellow dot in the game. When the instructions say "When the red arrow on the speedometer hits the green zone" do you mean when it is firmly in the green zone, or just when it is at the entrance to the green zone?
Posted by Tomssuli 3rd August, 2021
Rated :

Hey, this was surprisingly addictive game, I played it all the way through, even the secret...

I would add a yes/no -menu when you press esc... I had gotten long way first and accidentally pressed esc and the program just closed. Also, there could be tooltips for the upgrades, telling what you will get when you upgrade. It would also be nice if the choices were saved so you wouldn't have to browse the opponent, length and music all over again after every race.

Otherwise pretty solid game, graphics were alright and I liked the simple mechanics.

I wonder if there was a bug with seventh gear, as it would not actually add any max speed after changing
Posted by Jankoleti 15th August, 2021

I, honestly, tried over 20 times and i couldn't beat the first opponent.
Posted by MinkoedZamorVedro 28th August, 2021

@Jankoleti i updated it, try now.





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