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Halloween Boss Battle
Author: MinkoedZamorVedro Submitted: 29th October, 2023 Favourites:0
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Edited By MinkoedZamorVedro on 29/10/2023

This game has been made for the Halloween Boss Battle Game Jam

You have to help your friend Golden Pork defeat The Halloween Geist™, who prevents him from playing with his friend. But it's not so easy to do this, because The Halloween Geist™ is not some kind of sucker, but a powerful boss who has prepared a lot of trials for our hero! And there is another problem: your golden friend is not very friendly to those who cannot help him. In other words, he kills them. Good luck.

(the story wasn't written by AI)

As you can imagine, the game consists of several stages, in each of which you have to overcome The Halloween Geist™. There are 3 difficulty levels in total: Normal, Hard and NIGHTMARE. With each level, the game becomes MUCH more difficult. The time of your gameplay will also be counted, and you can try to beat your previous records. There are trophies for each difficulty level you've completed. (and also one secret trophy). Try to get 'em all!

1."Dragon Quest": Just a small turn-based battle (don't forget to use potions). Use mouse to play.
2."Undertale": Undertale-style battle. Use enter, A, D, and arrows to play.
3."Platformer": Platformer battle. Use arrows to move, shift to jump, Z to shoot lasers.
4."Rock, Paper, Scissors": You will have 2 seconds to choose between rock, paper and scissors. Rules are like in the original game (you know it, don't you?)
5."Space Cannon": Shoot that pumpkin with a spaceship. Use W, A, S, D to move, mouse to shoot and aim.
6."Hit The Halloween Geist™": hit as much Halloween Geists as possible at a given time. But don't click too fast, or you'll get a fine!!!

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Posted by Robert123 30th October, 2023
Rated :

I don't like the gameplay, chaotic and barely comprehensible. The sound was okey though. The graphics were funny. The bosses were to hard.
Posted by cscascasscsac 21st November, 2023
Rated :

hahahahahhahahhahahaha the evil era have come hhahahahaa





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