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Space Cannon 3D
Author: MinkoedZamorVedro Submitted: 24th February, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 123

In the menu you can choose the level you want to pass. In order to start going through other levels, you have to go through training - the first level. In the menu you can also buy weapons that help you in battle and buy more lives. To select a level or buy something, just click on its icon.

In the battle, you need to control the Space Cannon using the WASD buttons. To shoot, you need to click on the left mouse button. To change weapons, you need to click on the right mouse button.


Bullet- standard weapon.
Laser- deals more damage. When the left mouse button is pressed, it shoots quickly.
Spread- fires three bullets instead of one.
Plasma Ball- deals even more damage. Bounces off the edges of the screen.
Antimatter Sphere- deals huge damage.

Each of the enemies has its own set of attacks, some of them can be repelled with your bullets, and some will have to dodge.

If an enemy bullet hits you, you will lose one life. When a life is lost, the Space Cannon explodes, and only the cursor remains of it. After five seconds or by pressing the space bar, your ship is restored to the place where the cursor is located. When you lose all the lives, you will find yourself in the menu.

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Posted by Joshtek 26th February, 2023

I had some fun playing this, but it feels like it could be even better with a bit more polish

Money and power-ups: I got some money but couldn't seem to spend it, then tried the tutorial again and it reset my money to 10 for some reason. It seems like you only make money if you win, but if you're on low money then it can be hard to win without the power ups, so it might be good to also get some money if you lose as well.

Gameplay and communication: It might also be even more fun if there was more of an audio or visual queue between the differ phases, whether that be something flashing or a sound effect or something with the music. It would also be fun to see more visual indications of the damage you are doing to the enemy.

Text: Some times the text on the menu overflows into the ammo purchasing area.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 26/02/2023
Posted by MinkoedZamorVedro 27th February, 2023

@Joshtek Thank you so much for your feedback, it will help me a lot in the future. I will try to work on the game and take your advice.





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