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Review: COINS
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 02/09/2023 05:47:22

I haven't written a review on this site since three years ago, so here goes!

I really liked the game's presentation. The menus may look pretty basic and a bit dull, but at least they do the job. Although the presentation does get better once you get into the game. Everything looks very highly detailed, even for it being a simple 2D game with 3D pre-rendered graphics.

The gameplay is pretty self-explanatory, you just guide the little smiley-dude through each level and collect all the coins before proceeding to the next one while avoiding all sorts of hazards, and the further you progress, the harder the levels get. I'd say the difficulty balance was well thought out for each level, although some levels did give me some trouble. The final level in particular, I found the spikes rather annoying to deal with since there seems to be hit collisions with the sprite box itself. My guess is that the "Use fine detection" option in Fusion was disabled for these. Just wanted to point that out, but overall, a pretty solid and engaging playthrough... even if it almost made me pull my hair out towards the end. xD No joke, I legit rage quitted near the end... cuz I suck at games. lol

Now the graphics I absolutely loved. The pre-rendered sprites are all well made, and they give me that vibe of old Flash games from the 2000s. Sure, some of the sprites are just basic spheres, but at the very least they still look charming. The only downside is that it looks a bit pixelated in my opinion, and it's all due to the Perspective object that was used in the game. It would've looked much better if anti-aliasing was enabled on the object itself via the properties, but eh... it's just a nitpick. Other than that, great-looking game!

The music and sounds were all well made and well implemented. The music is bumping and catchy, and makes you want to keep on going. And I found no sound effect to be rather annoying in the game. I got nothing to complain about the sound department.

The game is only 30 levels, and you can play any level you want once you've unlocked them by playing through them all in order, and it does offer some replay value. The game isn't very long, but it will keep you busy since the later levels get progressively harder. And trust me, you'll spend quite some time with some of those levels cuz hoooo boy, you have no idea what I had to deal with.

Overall, I really liked this game. If you're a fan of old school Flash games, more specifically The World's Hardest Game, then you'll definitely get a kick out of this game and maybe feel a nostalgic towards those old classic browser games we all played when we were younger. I know this isn't a Flash game, but it certainly gave me that vibe, accompanied with the music choices. For a first game, it's really well made! I look forward in seeing what else you'll make in the future. Keep it up! phew... I still got it. :P

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Posted by Dannimáx 2nd September, 2023

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this! it means a lot to me.

I just wanna say I did actually use fine detection on the spikes, maybe the sprite itself is a little too big so that's my b.

Also, I'm not even sure why I used the perspective object, I just thought it looked cool lol.

Again, thank you for writing this review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I already have a couple of concepts for future games that I think you'll enjoy!

Have a great day, I wish you the best of luck on your own projects.

Posted by BigAl0104 4th September, 2023

The use of the perspective object was fine in my opinion, but I was just saying that it made it look a bit too pixelated and that you could've enabled anti-aliasing on the object itself.


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