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24th December, 2004 at 21:58:10 -

First off, to answer the question. An always "bring to back" should work. Also, if you paste it to background while destroying it, it should help out.

Now. To argue.

"Since video games are for children only"

Then why are 20 year old males the biggest gaming market??
And howcome everybody making games almost is a teen?

""You could corrupt a young child's mind, ptentially turning him into a serial killer devoid of emotion or remorse"

Yeah, right.

"It's absolutely desgusting that you would even think of putting blood into your games, let alone actually implement it."

Seriously? I personlly donnot see why gore is bad. I can see how violence can be contrivertial, but blood? If you actually play a 2 dimentional game and treat it like a real life situation, real enough for the guts and chunks to be disgusting, you've got a pretty messed up mind. 2d games are MEANT to be metagamed. Probably with the exception of some rpgs, you play 2d games for fun, not for the realism.

Oh, and if you were being sarcastic, right on man.

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31st December, 2004 at 23:12:20 -

/me agrees with Chris Branch / FireMonkey.
I wish videogame companies did so as well...

Evil omg~!

Matt Boothman

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1st January, 2005 at 06:44:00 -

I can't tell if Rydin is being sarcastic or not. - Listen to my music.

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