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RPG Player 2003

24th August, 2003 at 08:53:17 -

Well, I have two projects pending :

Limited Lifetime (20%) - Shooter with an overhead view, you got to choose some bloody scenario, get a strong weapon and battle your enemy/ies to the death. Battle over New York or a space station, choosing from Assault Rifles to Death Rays. It's still in Beta stage, and it should be released here this year...

Apocalyptic Chaos Control (5%) - Side-view RTS where you choose a team out of the three available, build your army and then go to destroy the enemy. To your army you may choose anything, from bloodthirsty fanatics to cow-riding scandinavians, from noble swordsmen to heavy holy cavalry, from bandits recruited into army to strong well-armed robots. Still in the paper, but I'm trying to make it...

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24th August, 2003 at 08:53:31 -

Err.. its taking me ages, but im working on an 3rd person isometric horror game. Its a pain trying to draw the gfx for all the directions.

<img src= Fear: Evil Awakenings


24th August, 2003 at 10:06:44 -

Star blaster 99% done.
but im about to move so i doubt that ill
add it to my downloads. but here is a little
its a section z shooter, anyways

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VIP Member
25th August, 2003 at 03:46:22 -

I'm working on Aces' Curse, a platformer that uses yoyo.


Joni Sipola

25th August, 2003 at 07:43:06 -

OOHH YEEAAHH!!!!! my computer screen get tilt!!!! My own games are Slime-mon and Mr. Stick And Adventure of Stick-island i'mCNC fan what about you???



25th August, 2003 at 12:14:38 -

I've made lots of games that I never realeased because they don't really have a point.

Castle Siege(100%) You place pit traps, sunflower cannons, etc. to destroy the invading slime beasts. It works in TGF, but I would convert it to MMF for larger castles. If ever released I would first add more weaponry.

Edit: Does not work on slow computers because of fast 640x480 scrolling, and 1000+ objects in larger castles.

Mini Golf(100%) Finished years ago, mini golf features an editor, and 1-4 person play. Design your own courses and holes for those courses! Easy to play. Never released because of bad graphics, and immense number of mini-golf games.

Hmmm...4 which I will not list.

RPG(2%) An RPG. I plan to have "worlds" in it, and the worlds would have names. If you reach a certain level, you can hop on a boat and go to the next island, etc.

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