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GOTW #134 - HyperCube
News posted 14th May, 2005 by The Chris Street  
HyperCube, the game from the French klikker Twiner, has won this weeks GOTW, so congratulations to you!

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants (deep breath) - Spaceman Steve: The Adventure Begins, Prograbots, WebWiz, Blade Baron, Capture The Flag!, Mathematrix, Crystal Towers, Retroar, and Diamond: Revolution. Wheeze...

Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 14th May, 2005

Yeah. Burglar.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 15th May, 2005

It's pretty close between Diamond and Crystal Towers...which to choose...
Posted by clwe 15th May, 2005

And so the nit-picking match continues between Phizzy and Brandon =P (most likely). Anyway, Crystal Towers has more than three times the votes. It's a landslide so far, and it's only been a couple of days...


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