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Diamond: Revolution (Including Lite)
Author: Silveraura Submitted: 13th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 334

Edited By Brandon Cassata on 5/14/2005

As seen in trialers & a preview, Diamond: Revolution is the all new remake of Diamond 1, released a few years ago. Including completly new graphics, redesigned coding, loads of more objects, enemies, & new levels!

Whats Diamond?
Well Diamond is a simple puzzle game where you control a ball that automaticly bounces up & down while you move it left & right (unless your controls change via invertion blocks). Though the game is alot more challenging then it sounds. Try adding in blocks that kill you as soon as they touch you, enemies out to kill you, diamonds that block your path & can only be destroyed when you match there color, crystals that blow up when you hit crystal crushers, bombs that turn you into a deadly explosive bomb that'll blow up the next thing you touch, & much, much more! Still so easy? Doubt it...

Now what does this game feature...
-Full ingame options menu that'll allow you to change various options such as music, fullscreen or windowed, backgrounds, particle effects, & other interesting stuff.
-In game help menu that'll teach you everything you need to know about the objects you'll incounter in Diamond: Revolution.
-Save game feature that'll make sure that when you die (which you will) you can return to the last part (groups of 5 levels) you were at.
-High quality, custom music.
-Pause Menu with multible choices such as Continue, Restart, & Exit.
-Thrust addition that'll allow you to speed up your ball at the cost of accuricy by simply holding in Button1.
-All new & completly different levels.
-New Fully Animated 3D Rendered Graphics.
-Not much more, that pretty much sums it all up.

(This is comparing to the original Diamond, not to the previous, & currently removed versions of Diamond.)

Whats that? Got dialup? Well as much as I would like to point & laugh, I figure I'd just make a nice small Lite version of Diamond: Revolution for you. Better to reach out to all the players, not just the ones with broadband.
Size: 6.9MB

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  (26.20mb )

Posted by Pete Nattress 14th May, 2005

I don't know that damning someone before they've even spoken is very constructive, Brandon.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 14th May, 2005

That was a kind of immature act yourself, Brandon. @Phizzy: I hope you ment 26.9mb ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 14th May, 2005

On dialup it would take probably just about an hour. You might want to edit this download, Brandon, in case you get any more negative reaction.
Posted by Silveraura 14th May, 2005

Well I removed it, but to be honest Phizzy, you know you would have, you've had something rude to say about everything about Diamond sense Diamond 4, & thats all I'll say. More comments on the game please. I'm interested on seeing what people think about it, seeing as its a huge improvement from the previous game.
Posted by X_Sheep 14th May, 2005

I still hate the saving. I should just be able to save at every level and reset the save file to the beginning of a part only when I lose the game.
Posted by ChrisB 14th May, 2005

Wartagon: read. "Whats that? Got dialup? Well as much as I would like to point & laugh, I figure I'd just make a nice small Lite version of Diamond: Revolution for you. Better to reach out to all the players, not just the ones with broadband. Size: 6.9MB" Brandon: doing that makes you just as bad as Phizzy
Posted by Silveraura 14th May, 2005

Doing what? No really, explain...
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th May, 2005

I think he means that comment to/about phizzy that you had in the description before. I'm not sure, I didn't see it myself.
Posted by Cazra 14th May, 2005

great game, but the saving doesn't work.
Posted by AndyUK 14th May, 2005

"point and laugh" that, ^ will loose you some points mate. Anyway how the heck is this so large? I would find it hard to make a game nearly 27mb even if it had 10 mp3 tunes and 100 levels.
Posted by Noyb 14th May, 2005

I agree with X-Sheep. The game is still fun, but forcing people to replay levels in a bleeding puzzle game is just an artificial and annoying way to increase the difficulty.
Posted by Silveraura 14th May, 2005

@AndyUK That is just to be funny, what is it suddenly wrong for me to throw a few points of humor into my discription anymore? @X-Sheep as much as I would like to fix that in an newer version, this is the last version & I cant really change it, or else what would the point in extra lives be!? Lose all your lives, whats the point if you just do the same thing as restarting the level only it takes a few seconds longer.
Posted by Silveraura 14th May, 2005

The save bug is now fixed. For those who have already downloaded the full, you can just download & install Lite to fix the bug. The Lite version is the same as full, only without the music, which the full version installed already the first time you downloaded it.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 15th May, 2005

dial up sucks im sorry to say, but i cant believe i survived having it
Posted by Chrisbo 15th May, 2005

what's all this about with phizzy and such?
Posted by axel 15th May, 2005

i'm not even downloading this. Sorry, it just isn't worth waiting 1 hour for a game you've played a thousand times before.
Posted by Phredreeke 15th May, 2005

You played Diamond a thousand times? I didn't know you were such a Diamond fan ;)
Posted by axel 15th May, 2005

i had to, the game was so overhyped it covered the whole screen :'(
Posted by Silveraura 15th May, 2005

Well your loss, because Diamond: Revolution is not like the original once you get past Part 1. Almost every single level is original in some way, all the levels are tricky & challenging in different ways. No 1 level uses the same tech. as any other level in this or any other Diamond game. So when it comes down to it, that little theory is playing Dimaond over & over again just doesnt work anymore. Almost everyone I've seen playing the game personally right beside me, have told me that its almost like playing an entirely different puzzle game compaired to the original Diamond games. Care to find a better excuse?
Posted by Cazra 15th May, 2005

Posted by Silveraura 15th May, 2005

Thanks Snerlin. PS: I'd also like to add in Agggggge, that its relitively hard for you to actually have played the previous Diamond games, not joining DC until earlyer 2005, when the first Diamond game was released years before that. Not to mention Diamond 2-4 were removed. So I think that this isnt overhyping the fact that you've played it so many times, I think this is you listening to carefully to other peoples comments on the fact that the game is over.
Posted by Radix 16th May, 2005

Dude. There's a list of your games under your name. Join date doesn't have anything to do with which games someone's played.
Posted by axel 16th May, 2005

Brandon, diamond is a great game, but you just can't make five games on one already simple concept, it's just too much.
Posted by Galaxy613 16th May, 2005

Well, I doubt Brandon will do this (a five game series) ever again. And sense you two already have gotten you're points across you can stop bickering.
Posted by Silveraura 16th May, 2005

& your fucked in the head Phizzy, so see, your point doesnt matter to me & I highly doubt anyone else either.
Posted by GrieferSutherland 16th May, 2005

wasnt a big fan of this game
Posted by Dark (DOE) 16th May, 2005

I voted for this game anyway cuz I'm a puzzle fan...didn't dl it tho yet lol...doing that now, and me with my poor little 56k modem will download the 26 mb biggy for me. I'll review after I beat the game if its possible.
Posted by axel 17th May, 2005

you should listen to phizzy, he's just trying to save you from making another five game series(or even worse: another diamond game!) and getting thrown shit at the rest of your life. Please, this many people wouldn't react if there was nothing wrong!
Posted by X_Sheep 17th May, 2005

I agree with Aggggge (could you please change your name to Agge or something? :P) on this one.
Posted by Silveraura 17th May, 2005

I was never going to do it again, & Phizzy wasnt recommended it, he was acting like an idiot & saying I would, not to mention the only person reacting that wont shutup about it, is Phizzy, so excuse me if I aim it all to him. Atleast everyone else who disliked the fact that the series went on for so long, backed off, Phizzy knows he doesnt like the fact, nor the game, so why he wont back off also, is behond me.
Posted by Chrisbo 18th May, 2005






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