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Joint GOTW #153 - Panzermeister / Poxie
News posted 8th October, 2005 by The Chris Street  
JOINT GOTW WINNERS! I can't say I've seen this happen before at TDC, but congratulations to both The DOBROVOD and Lachie Dazdarian for their respective games Panzermeister and Poxie. Each game received 12 votes each (although on the GOTW page, for some reason only Poxie is acknowledged as the GOTW winner).

Click here to download Panzermeister
Click here to download Poxie

This weeks entrants - Bloody Massacre, Klik Basestation 1, Saboteur 95, Froggy's Mate, Dig Dug Darn! Full Version, Hillevi Poopbucket, and S.T.R.E.S.S.

Let's hope there aren't any joint GOTW winners again... it means more image editing work for me (I = lazy man)

Posted by The Chris Street 8th October, 2005

lol I know XD
Posted by Jamesbuc 8th October, 2005

well. was waitin for somthin this silly to come. AND IT HAS!
Posted by Assault Andy 8th October, 2005

12 votes, that's not very active.
Posted by MasterM 8th October, 2005

ha now thats an interesting thing. i havent checked out panzermeister but what i can see a bit of it in this blurry screenshot/award thingy. does it use the metal slug sprite?
Posted by Assault Andy 9th October, 2005

Yes, Yes it does.
Posted by Pete Nattress 10th October, 2005

"(although on the GOTW page, for some reason only Poxie is acknowledged as the GOTW winner)." I believe that's technically referred to as a "bug".
Posted by Flava 10th October, 2005

The games recently have been pretty dull - we need some excitement! :(
Posted by DaVince 11th October, 2005

Hillevi Poopbucket? He actually posted that here, too? :o


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