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GOTW #166 - Duel Toys: Final Version
News posted 10th January, 2006 by Clubsoft  
Duel Toys: Final Version is this weeks winner of GOTW, created by Diefox. Duel Toys is a rather good fighting game with RPG bits thrown in. Not especially far behind was Algames product Buzz The Squirrel 2 - Andy's best work to date in my opinion. Good work guys.

Click here to download the GOTW

Contenders are, for this week: Hesitation, Cave Dave, Battle Screensaver and Ghost Hunter 3

Due to the delay updating, Next weeks GOTW will have contenders starting from the 7th of January, Sorry about that! I'll get Circy back updating soon since he isn't hopeless at it like me :D

Posted by Keatontech! 10th January, 2006

Awww, Mini Goo was supposed to win
Posted by DaVince 10th January, 2006

Congratulations, Diefox!

@Keaton: MiniGoo just was an app too small to win something like this.

I'd rather have had Buzz 2 would have won, but ah well.
Posted by Flava 10th January, 2006

Both Buzz and Duel Toys were great games I thought - shame there can only be one winner.
Posted by Diefox 10th January, 2006

yey! I won!
Posted by AndyUK 11th January, 2006

well done.
Posted by Joshtek 11th January, 2006

Congrats Diefox.


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