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Author: Bricnic Submitted: 29th December, 2005 Favourites:0
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Hesitation- a remake of a classic game idea, where the player must keep the cursor within a boundary and try to reach the end as quickly as possible. This version includes 3 graphic schemes, a highscore function (only the best score is kept, and it is not online), and the option to view a replay of the best player so far. All backgrounds can also be replaced to your liking, however try to keep a colour scheme similar to the default set so as to keep visibility high. There are over 2 billion possible levels to play, but they all follow approximately the same basic shape so as to make the highscores fair no matter which course is attempted.

Mouse to steer.
Spacebar to give up (lets you use mouse again).
X to start a random level.
F2 to go back to the main menu.
Use the "Load" button to load a level number (enter into edit box on the left of the load button).

If you wish to view a replay from someone else, simply replace your "Top score.dat" file with theirs.

In a future update (Heh.. as if ) I could make it possible for custom music to be played aswell, as I know the current music is kinda repetitive after a while :/

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Posted by Kingson 30th December, 2005

Nice idea but if you make it through one level you can make it through all. Perhaps not so many levels but less and they really differ. And of course online highscore.
Posted by Pkeod 4th January, 2006






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