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GOTW #257: Final Vision
News posted 29th October, 2007 by The Chris Street  
The winner of this weeks GOTW award - which is slightly late... apologies for that - goes for alspal's platform RPG Final Vision. It won quite convincingly, great stuff :)

The next GOTW will take place this Saturday, to try and get things back on track. Hope you like the new GOTW image which I suddenly felt the urge to tweak... it's a little stale now :)

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - BrumBrum2, oXo, Pig, Zan-Zan: Episode 2, Velocity Dodgeball 1.2 and Good Times Gone.

Posted by Peblo 29th October, 2007

Did you really have to put a two pixel border around it?
Posted by The Chris Street 29th October, 2007

Posted by Ski 29th October, 2007

I would have been banned for that
Posted by Phredreeke 29th October, 2007

Why are there no commas between Pig and Zan-Zan 2 and Velocity Dodgeball?
Posted by alastair john jack 30th October, 2007

Thanks so much everyone for voting for Final Vision!
Much love
Posted by LIJI 30th October, 2007

You changed the GOTW logo AGAIN?!
Posted by LIJI 30th October, 2007

Also you didn't capitalize the game name in the image.
Posted by Broomie 30th October, 2007

That may have been intentional.
Posted by LIJI 30th October, 2007

Now you should all use my GOTW Generator to make those!
Posted by Tim 30th October, 2007

I dont want the hallowe'en skin forced on me...
Posted by LIJI 30th October, 2007

Me too...
Timothy's Navy Skin is teh awesome... ;_;
Posted by Tim 30th October, 2007

Posted by alastair john jack 31st October, 2007

this theme is too scary!
Posted by Ski 31st October, 2007

The poll spiders are racing very very slowly o_o
Posted by LIJI 2nd November, 2007

Another news-less week...
Also where's Flava?
Posted by Tim 2nd November, 2007

2 more days yet... and i dunno


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