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I finished this ages ago but only recently decided to put it up here. Its a very realistic racing engine with seperate physics and collision detection for each wheel. The tracks are also based on bitmaps so you can make your own in paint, just put it in the main folder and call it map.bmp. Theres not much else to say about it, I didnt make it look all tricky and 3d like my first engine test because I want feedback on the actual engine and its capabilities.

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Posted by Sketchy 23rd October, 2007

very very nice
easily the best mmf driving physics i've seen.

i tried making a highly customisable racing game where you could easily make your own tracks and cars ages ago (nearly finished it, but lost everything after my hard disk died). the physics weren't this good though.

i would like to see other cars with ai and collisions aswell.

does the grey track affect car handling? (like less grip maybe? i didn't notice)

how many lines of code are there for the physics, out of interest?

how flexible is it? could you easily add more cars which handle differently?

i'd love to see this become a full game - let me know if you decide to finish it and want some graphics (and don't mind really tiny cars).
Posted by Zephni 28th October, 2007

~ I thought it was really good.. i looked in your "temp" file, n it had some stats of the car in there.. so yes it shud be easy to change..

I just thought the handling the car is too bad, and unrealistic... but apart from that briliant engine, im gona go away n try'n figure this out.

The Sonic 360 degree tutorial... duno if youve seen it but its prety dam amazin. does this have any similarits in code?





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