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GOTW #292: Run Or Be Mechanically Separated!
News posted 17th August, 2008 by The Chris Street  
With quite a few votes, Jon Smeby's Run Or Be Mechanically Separated! has bulldozed over the competition in last weeks GOTW poll. Congratulations, methinks!

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Micro Mouse, Bumble's Beginning - Competition Version, Splotches! Compo Edition, Eternal Man, Pixelthiefs Super Complicated Physics Stuff Engine, Tig Duels for Extraordinary Gentlemen and Such Etc, Signature Creator v1.0, Jimmy's Unlikely Resurrection, Avoid The Evil Space Eel, Uppy Duppy, and Simple Loops.

This GOTW has been padded out by the numerous entries for Peblo's "tag-team" competition but it doesn't mean they're of poor quality as a result... on the contrary. Download everything and choose your vote wisely! Hugs n stuff, Chris.

Posted by Ski 17th August, 2008

Yay congrats Well deserved
Posted by alastair john jack 17th August, 2008

Well done!

Yay for posts by Chris!
Posted by Marko 17th August, 2008

A very very worthy winner - cannot wait for more!
Posted by Muz 17th August, 2008

That's a lot of games to try out. I don't know which one to choose!
Posted by alastair john jack 18th August, 2008

Uppy Duppy!
Posted by Ski 19th August, 2008

What happened to the other poll results? About which game we'd like to see the most info on?
Posted by Codemonkey 19th August, 2008


just a warning.
Posted by Ricky 20th August, 2008

I agree with alspal
Posted by alastair john jack 20th August, 2008

I agree with Ricky
Posted by The Chris Street 20th August, 2008

Don't bother advertising your game here encouraging votes, you'll just turn people against you.
Posted by OMC 20th August, 2008

People say that it will turn people against you, but I think most of the people who hate people that advertise have left. Yes, advertising is annoying, you shouldn't do it-- but nobody's going to kill you.
Posted by DaVince 20th August, 2008

Says who? Maybe I'll come to your house and kill you in your sleep...

Posted by OMC 20th August, 2008

That is rather frightening.

Posted by Cecilectomy 23rd August, 2008

just a quick suggestion about front page stuff.

wasnt the point of the spotlight to help show some of the games that dont quite make it to the front page news? it seems like the same games/projects are up there sometimes days in a row.

would it not be better suited to have randomly picked games/projects from the current week?

i think it should be more like crobasofts spotlights. a randomly chosen game, review, application, and active forum post, everytime the page is refreshed. that would advertise a hell of a lot more games and site activity.

just my uhpinun
Posted by Ricky 23rd August, 2008

I agree with Cecil
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd August, 2008

You're quite right, we've been lazy this week. I can't speak for the other admins but I've had quite a hectic week this week... including today... I'll try and do GOTW later on
Posted by Muz 23rd August, 2008

A few of the recent games weren't really worth spotlighting :/ But the last 2-3 weeks, there were so many that most of the games only made the spotlight for a few days. Up to luck, I guess.
Posted by Cecilectomy 23rd August, 2008

but thats my point.

the game thats been on the spotlight for the last god knows how many days (at least 3) is mayhem 3. and it GOT the front page news. so wtf. jimmys unlikely ressurection, jack puzzle monster, robms (before it got gotw) all shouldve been games on the spotlight. my point also is that even those shit games deserve some of the spotlight. the ones that get 10 downloads...ever, and no ratings.

its just not efficient right now. it could be tons better.
Posted by OMC 13th January, 2009

This seems like years ago...


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