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Jimmy's Unlikely Resurrection
Author: 3kliksphilip Submitted: 14th August, 2008 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 633
165th Place     (3.71 / 5)

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Jimmy's Unlikely Resurrection is a platformer, following the life of Jimmy as he attempts to escape from hell which happens to be a load of platform levels which he has to jump, swim and (not) get impaled across. Features the usual stuff for a game like N, but in my opinion the movement is far more refined and responsive and the turrets have far more gameplay potential. Well, that's for you to decide. Please give this game a chance. It even includes the first 3 songs I have ever made!

All of the sound effects were made by my mouth, apart from the liquid ones but you don't want to know how they were made.

BONUS FEATURES- Every level is timed and saved into progress.txt. HOWEVER, if you alt+f4 it'll mess it up. I have included escape buttons and a keyboard escape, so you shouldn't have to reach for that terrible shortcut any way. Every level has a bronze, silver and gold award and they are all possible. Some levels can be exploited but I kept it like that for those really desperate to smash the record times. Have fun!

The reason that it links to my website and not the direct download is because doesn't seem to like filefront links directly, they miss out the . or something.

OOOHHHH here are some nice shortcuts...

r - restart level
esc - Go to main menu.

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Posted by Foo Fighter 14th August, 2008
Rated :

get the fuck out! nice work man!!!!!! rly rly rly nice work!
Posted by Mr_Tom 14th August, 2008
Rated :

if anyone can't be bothered to complete this game, you're missing out, the boss level is brilliant.
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th August, 2008

I'll play it once I get back on my computer, ( I'm on a PSP right now) but did you submit it twice? I see it twice on your download list.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 14th August, 2008

The first time apparently the images didn't work and I couldn't see it uploaded, and Muz said that the images weren't working so I assumed that I had to release it again. I have now deleted the old one.
Posted by Cecilectomy 14th August, 2008
Rated :

it was nice but after about half the stages, some just got rediculously annoying awhile a stage right after a hard one would be rediculously easy.

great style and gameplay though. if i could id give it 3.5
Posted by JMT 14th August, 2008
Rated :

Nice animation, but the controls are incredibly clumsy. Which makes things particularly annoying when trying to time, for instance, the spear throwers. Also, might want to either include an automatic change in screen resolution or note that the game needs something higher than 800x600.
Comment edited by JMT on 8/14/2008
Posted by alastair john jack 14th August, 2008
Rated :

It was generally quite good, many elements of it were executed well however aspects such as the controls felt awkward.

I don't quite understand why he pulls his pants down when he gets to the flag. Image

Comment edited by alspal on 8/14/2008
Posted by Foo Fighter 14th August, 2008
Rated :

rofl, its too hot in hell. he needs to get cold.
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th August, 2008
Rated :

I like this. The animations are great and I like the controls. I didn't even read the instructions but I instantly new (once I found space was jump) enough to get to level 10 without dying.

But I don't think the music matches the pace of the game, especially when the level complete music. For such a fast game it does take a while to get to the next level.

Also found a bit of a bug. On level 5 it's possible to bounce from the bottom spring and jump through the floor on the 3rd spring.

I think there needs to be more to do with this game, possibly even a level editor?
Posted by Mr_Tom 14th August, 2008
Rated :

"but the controls are incredibly clumsy" - JMT

.. are you sure? they seem good to me.. remember you can slow yourself down by holding down when you land and stuff.
Posted by JMT 14th August, 2008
Rated :

".. are you sure? they seem good to me.. remember you can slow yourself down by holding down when you land and stuff. "

I'm quite aware of how the controls work. The figure accelerates very slowly and erratically, making the take-off from jumps inconsistent and timing the spaces between spears very much a pain.
Posted by AndyUK 14th August, 2008
Rated :

Very well presented and pretty good fun. I did find some levels rather frustrating.
I think i gave up on level 15 or 16 after touching the bombs right next to the flag for the millionth time.
I'm not a fan of black and white graphics either.
Still a cracking game though.
Posted by Mr_Tom 14th August, 2008
Rated :

..oh no, you must get to the boss level . go complete it now!
Posted by Kazuma 14th August, 2008
Rated :

Good, fun game.

The controls do feel clumsy, though. The deceleration feels inconsistent for some reason. All in all, it just didn't feel like I had total control of Jimmy at all times. Sometimes it felt like he was moving on his own and I was trying to stop him.

It was rather creative, especially level 17. I let myself get impaled about 10 times on purpose just because it was funny.

It was a cute, fun game, but the movement/control system takes away from the fun a little. This game is better than most of the stuff on this site, but it's not perfect, so...

Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 15th August, 2008
Rated :

this game was fun, but i didnt find it original, its a copy of the punishment by messhof, and its much worse presented. i found the blood cool, but what lost you points is the fact that you used wall climbing (or humpind in this case, its starting to really annoy me that every1 is using this thinking its somthing new, well, its not, its very unoriginal, and now i have burned images of level 17 in my eyes
Posted by 3kliksphilip 15th August, 2008

...Punishment by messhof? I have NEVER heard of that game.
Ever. And surely wall jumping is better than no wall jumping? I'm getting ired of the 'jump from platform to platform' games, it's time that characters can use walls and ceilings to their advantage. Would you have rated the game higher if I hadn't any special moves?

EDIT: URGH. After playing that game I can assure you that I wouldn't want to copy it.
Comment edited by 3kliksphilip on 8/15/2008
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th August, 2008
Rated :

I've never heard of it either

Also; love the water effects. Nicely done!
Posted by Mr_Tom 15th August, 2008
Rated :

"its a copy of the punishment by messhof"

rofl.. yeah sure, messhof was definitely the first to make a game like THAT! Image
Comment edited by Mr_Tom on 8/15/2008
Posted by Zezard 15th August, 2008
Rated :

Some parts of this game are really excellent, like the spear turrets (thing that looks like a garlic, or what is it he's saying?) and the last level (the concept and voice acting). Yet there are a few things that really bothers me.

First there is the movment engine. I'm frankly a bit surprised that noone else seems to have found it as frustrating as I did. It seems that you got the jumps and walking all wrong. It is the jumps that are supposed to have the maximum speed at the beginning, and the walking that is supposed to accelerate over time. The walking with no acceleration time was really frustrating when Jimmy was still in a very delicate situations (it would seem logic to take it slow when it is dangerous) and I was to start moving, since this often reslutet in that Jimmy ran into a mine or something. His turns were also horrible, it actually felt like if his position was moved. For some reason you felt like including a x deaccleration, making sideways movment even more unpredictable as the only way to make Jimmy stop where he should was to continously compensate his speed with the left and right button. The jumps slow acceleration at the beginning made it hard to avoid spears, and barley possible to avoid them with skill (I think the average player will finish the game by luvck before that movment is mastered).

Another very annoying element were the mines. Their explosions were completly unpredictable, and the fact the ivisible small particles at low speed kills you is, well, not cool. It made me sad, many times... :C

This whole thing with the pants and... what happens to the flag on the last level, and that last scene... Well, not quite my humor, but it was still very cool and special in some abstract way. I liked it...

Next time you make a really hard fast paced platformer like this, take the time to make a good movment for the player. Hard controls generally add to the difficulty in a bad way.
Comment edited by Zezard on 8/16/2008
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 15th August, 2008
Rated :

i never said that messhofs game was original, im just saying it was quite similar, in style, and the way the character accelerates. AND id like to point out that no wall jumping is infact better than wall jumping, all im saying is try to think of something NEW instead of recycling old ideas, i agree we see too many platform to platform games, but all im seeing nowadays is wall climbing, knytt stories, coal, just to name a few GOOD ones.
Im not saying the games not fun, its quite enjoyable, all im saying is think about what youre doing before you make a game, which looks alot like the rest of the stuff out there. you dont have to invent a completely new game, but just modify a proven concept so that it gives a fresh sense to your game, dont reinvent the wheel, just try to make a snowmobile instead

Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 15th August, 2008
Rated :

oh yea, how the HELL do you get past the mines in level 18
Posted by Mr_Tom 16th August, 2008
Rated :

you have to accelerate up the right hand side wall (by tapping jump just as you touch the wall) so that you have enough speed to jump across the other side so that you grab the left wall above the other explosives.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 16th August, 2008

I'm a little surprised about the movement engine causing problems. I guess I'm just used to tapping my keyboard buttons. Playtesters complained that the deceleration was too slow (ie, he slid when you let go of the buttons). The jumps are supposed to be harder to control- in real life you wouldn't have any sort of control. I understand the concept of fun being different to reality, but compared to the likes of N this game is responsive. Seriously, boot N up again and see how horribly slow he moves / acts.

I agree with the particles being a problem, which is why I prevented that from happening on the end level. Else where you shouldn't be near the explosion when it goes off any way, which is usually the point in them

Thanks Zezard for noticing that little... detail at the end. I didn't expect many people to be able to complete this game so I decided to slip in a little (big) something, which also acted as character progression with Jimmy becoming a MAN.

As for original ideas, I must say I'm yet to find recoiling turrets which fire bouncy stakes. Oh and nice water. I fail to see how (not naming any games in particular) some games on this site can get by with a rating of... say, 3.62, despite having serious bugs, no original features, animations or decent graphics.

But thanks for the constructive criticism.
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 16th August, 2008
Rated :

was the water made using phizzys method?
Posted by 3kliksphilip 16th August, 2008

Never seen his method. I just added loads of thin strips of water which oscillated when somebody collides with them. Invisible 'waves' travel from the player, causing the ripple to extend away from where the player is.
Posted by JMT 16th August, 2008
Rated :

N is incredibly fast and responsive on my machine. This is very sluggish.
Posted by Cecilectomy 18th August, 2008
Rated :

this is not N jmt -.-
Posted by Mkingy 18th August, 2008

He was responding to the comment 3kliksphilip made about N:

"but compared to the likes of N this game is responsive. Seriously, boot N up again and see how horribly slow he moves / acts."

Yeah movement did feel clumsy although once you got used to it i found it fairly managable. Was an enjoyable game :]
Posted by Attan 18th August, 2008
Rated :

I liked the game, but i think the character max-speed is too low. Probably since i've played N a little too much... I really love N, and this was like N with a few drawbacks.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 18th August, 2008

...and bouncy spear things
Posted by Mr_Tom 18th August, 2008
Rated :

rofl that actually does make all the difference..

and i just played N again, and it really is harder to control than this game. N has slower acceleration and decceleration and its harder to climb walls properly and the bouncy floaty square things on it don't work very nicely. Can't see how anyone can find N easier to control than this game unless they're just used to it from playing it for ages.
Posted by Comacchio 19th August, 2008
Rated :

This is supurb, 5 stars!!
Posted by Bricnic 20th August, 2008
Rated :

"Hello everybody and welcome to the first 10 levels of JUR!"

Clearly your readme is a little out of date
Great game though, I thought it was a nice touch at the very end when he touches the flag.. and a *slightly* different animation to the usual one plays Hehehe.. Well made all round
Posted by 3kliksphilip 20th August, 2008

YAY I'm pleased you noticed that! (The animation, that is). Not sure how the txt is out dated, but what ever.

Posted by Bad Panda 1st September, 2008
Rated :

ACE GAME - really good gameplay - nailed the 'feel' SPOT ON
Posted by erghhhhx 16th February, 2009
Rated :

Coolest gametitle ever.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 17th February, 2009

Posted by eliris 27th July, 2010
Rated :

really cool!! just finished it yesterday, the stage before the boss was almost IMPOSSIBLE!!, but that's good to keep those gamers on their PC to play your game, if only you made a "Jimmy's Unlikely Resurrection 2" it will be cool
Posted by TreePine 15th May, 2018
Rated :

Amazing platformerish game that is almost impossible when you reach level 18 and fun with enjoyable audio and physics but more!! and some other game play feature would be nicer!





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